Next gen consoles, comeback of the cartridges

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Re: Next gen consoles, comeback of the cartridges

Post by Yoshi2018 » Fri Jan 11, 2019 9:41 pm

LightDaemon wrote:
Fri Jan 11, 2019 4:22 pm
Consoles nowadays are nothing more than low-end pcs. And this probably ain't gonna change soon. Most games aim at people in their thirties who don't know anything about video games but are hyped for some reasons by the last Spider-Man or Assassin's Creed, and will probably not care about poor framerate and shitty gameplay.

As long as the game has great cutscenes and a few impressive visual effects, people are hyped as fuck. But don't think these games are technically perfect. It's far from the truth. Actually resolution is often downscaled when most players cannot notice it or just don't pay attention to keep the framerate around 25-30fps.

Technicaly, a PS4 could be able to run video games at 60fps. Take a look at the Frosbite Engine. This engine is pure gold. What games do they make with it? The same shitty Battlefield we've had for ten years and the terrible Mirror's Edge reboot.

Even the Nintendo Switch is a huge joke. People mostly were hyped by BOTW, which is understandable since the game is pretty good, but has a poor frame-rate. I've played it on the wii U and there're only minor differences between both versions... So what's the point of buying a switch for this game?

Other than that the console only has a few exclusive games, the rest is just about remasters and indie games. YAY, I paid 500 bucks (not mentioning the controllers and all the garbage that goes along with it) so I can play games of the previous generation while taking a shit... :roll:

My advise : go work at the nearest fast-food for a month during vacations, and buy a good gaming pc.
Many consoles use gimmicks to change gameplay. (Mostly Nintendo.) The controllers are really cool. Elitism and nostalgia will always be a thing. While games are starting to be more cross platform, many games are only available on consoles. Video game consoles are how many people get Netflix or Youtube on a big screen. Also the Nintendo Switch is the most convenient thing ever.
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Re: Next gen consoles, comeback of the cartridges

Post by LightDaemon » Fri Jan 11, 2019 10:03 pm

many games are only available on consoles
Indeed. That's the reason why I own a PS4. But is it worth it? Sometimes I'm wondering.
Many consoles use gimmicks to change gameplay. (Mostly Nintendo.)
It's been a long time since Nintendo did anything new when it comes to the gameplay. And all the incredible features (like the tablet for the Wii U or the switch) won't radically change things, even though they're kind of cool. As far as the PS4 and XONE are concerned though, there's nothing.
Elitism and nostalgia will always be a thing.
Nostalgia is cool but can be dagerous. As far as elitism in concerned I believe that as long as interesting arguments are brought up when people defend their opinions, it's ok. If it's a dick contest, I'm out.
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Re: Next gen consoles, comeback of the cartridges

Post by Royalguard » Sat Jan 12, 2019 11:59 pm

I actually preferred playing N64 over PS1, mostly due to hating PS1's PAINFULLY SLOW load times, especially in more intensive games.

I assumed that cartridges would return, as soon as they became small enough to be mass produced on the cheap, and powerful enough to compete with CD-related formats.
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