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Selling SMHCP chips to the general public

Posted: Tue May 07, 2019 12:04 am
by Diamond Wolf
Brought to you by the Martian National Engineer Corp., we the Martians have decided to sell our Standard Martian Hardware Control Protocol chips to the general public for the low price of 1000 credits! These chips carry one primary special function: They allow you to create any hardware device you can imagine while only needing a small set of plain English (or whatever language you speak provided it contains a Common Trading Language translation in the UniSol Language Database, which covers basically every language) commands - meaning you do not need to spend time or money hiring people to make complex control routines for your thing.

These chips are capable of reading your commands and translating them into control codes for your device with minimal access to weapons functionality required. You only need to supply some basic command instructions, and our patented Hardware Inference Interface will do the rest.

Remember - these only cost 1,000.00 credits each! PM me (Diamond Wolf) and I will collect your money and send your order. The closest match to our technology - the Juno Technology Group's Advanced Hardware-Software Interface chips - cost 100,000.00 credits each, and still require you to hire a team of programmers to fill in the gaps! Our SMHCP chips will save you time and money in spades. Buy today!