Quick Story Creator: The Revival

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Re: Quick Story Creator: The Revival

Post by 5h0ck » Thu Nov 14, 2019 10:04 pm

A) Stay here and wait for her to turn on.
After about an hour Roll's eyes finally open.
Roll: "huh....TIMEMAN?! Wow, and Flashman too? I thought you all died 2 years ago? Well nevermind that, I'm so glad your here. I came here because I found the source of Brightman's power! But I was attacked and a drone managed to hit my off switch, I guess they just assumed I was broken after that. It's just awful, Pharaohman teamed up with Brightman, and together they overpowered Bass! Then they hooked him up to a machine in the basement, it takes his power and transfers it to Brightman and Pharaohman making them stronger. Please you HAVE to help Bass! There's no one left who can stop them. Megaman tried his best but he...*sniff* he was destroyed 6 months ago!" *sniff sniff*

Roll with tears in her eye's gives you the Mega-Buster and Refill's Everyone's Ammo.

Roll: "I tried to use the Buster and save Bass myself, but, *sniff* but, I was too weak to do anything. Waaaaaahhh!" *cries*

After hearing this story you...…

A) Pat Roll on the head say "Everything will be ok." Then walk into the basement.
B) Destroy the Basement door and charge in guns blazing.
C) Sneak your way to the back of the building and enter the basement from the back entrance.

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Re: Quick Story Creator: The Revival

Post by phunguy06 » Thu Nov 14, 2019 11:01 pm

a) Pat Roll on the head say "Everything will be okay." Then walk into the basement.

Once she calms down you all go into the basement, and find...

a) A horde of angry robots
b) Some boxes with goodies in them
c) Loads of scrapped robots
d) Absolutely nothing. What a waste of time this was.
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Re: Quick Story Creator: The Revival

Post by Gravitrax64 » Thu Nov 14, 2019 11:22 pm

C) Loads of scrapped robots.

You decide to look at some of the robots, lots of them turn out to be just mets and joes. Looking around even more, you coincidentally happen to find the remains of Mega man, and surprisingly King. Time man and Roll are especially amazed with this discovery and are even thrilled to know where Mega man is. With this discovery, you decide to...

A) Find Dr. Light to restore Mega man
B) Find Dr. Cossack
C) Try to fix them yourself
D) Find help
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Re: Quick Story Creator: The Revival

Post by 5h0ck » Fri Nov 15, 2019 4:22 pm

A)Find Dr. Light to restore Mega-Man.

As you walk towards the exit a blast hits your party knocking you all into the wall. As you look up you see Pharaohman floating above you.
Pharaohman: "I came here because I heard Bass escaped, but to think I'd find the wanted fugitives instead."
Roll: "Pharaohman how could you! Mega freed you from Wily's brainwashing, how could you blow him to pieces?!"
Pharaohman: "Yes, I was free, free to spend night and day confined to an Egyptian museum to ammuse humans! No longer will I be resigned to anyone else. Brightman understands my pain. Hmph, I don't have time to waste on you, I need to find Bass. Ultra Yellow Devil, take care of these pest!" *flies away*

The scrapped robot parts fly around the room merging together forming a body, then Megamans head goes into the devils eye socket.

You are now in a Boss Fight.
Your actions are....

A) use mega buster (uses random power from megas arsenal)

B) splash woman and timeman attack

C)Flashman and Centaurman attack

D) Roll tries to talk sense into megaman

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Re: Quick Story Creator: The Revival

Post by Mabrick » Sun Nov 24, 2019 4:15 am

Use the mega buster.

You equip the megabuster, currently the only weapon equipped is:

A) Flame blast

B) Hyper bomb

C) Dive missile

D) Use mega buster instead.

E) *A weapon of your choosing. (From the classic series)
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Quick Story Creator: The Revival: The Revival

Post by Proto Man V » Sun Dec 08, 2019 12:34 am

E) Oil slider.

You jump on the oil sled and tackle the Ultra Yellow Devil.

UYD then, in response:
A) Splits into several shape-memory goo things
B) Fires a projectile
C) Says "Bumo" 5 times
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Re: Quick Story Creator: The Revival

Post by 5h0ck » Sun Dec 08, 2019 3:50 am

B) Fires a Projectile.
Missile launchers form on the Ultra Yellow Devil's shoulder's and fire at your group. Most member's dodge the attack but Flashman and Centaurman are temporarily knocked unconscious. The last 2 missiles are flying in your direction.
You then....

A) Attempt to dodge
B) Try to shoot them out of the sky
C) Stand there and hope they miss
D) Use random Mega Buster attack and hope its one of the shields
E) Hide behind an ally and let the missile hit them instead

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