Splendor Explosives (ID: 389192)

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Splendor Explosives (ID: 389192)

Post by GamerFromTheWeb » Thu Mar 26, 2020 4:44 am

Hello guys, I just finished another level with again, water for aesthetics (MM10 water is fantastic for that!). I think that recently my levels have been pretty hard/unfair, to a detriment so I went ahead and I've gone back to my earlier design philosophy of making shorter, easier stages that are a bit more gimmicky than my newer stuff. In the future, I might go back to this level and make a longer and harder but for now, I think I'll just keep the level as it is. Hopefully, you guys enjoy it as I had a blast making this level.

ID: 389192
Playable Link: https://megamanmaker.com/?level=389192
Difficulty: Easy
Length: Short



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Re: Splendor Explosives (ID: 389192)

Post by memelord69 » Thu Mar 26, 2020 7:08 pm

This was a fine level. There's some cheese that you might wanna patch up, but it wouldn't be a big deal if you don't. In the section after the first checkpoint, you have a flower shooting a beam at some exploding blocks. The blocks blow up in a chain, and you need to race them to the end of the room. However, if you just stand at the start of the room and wait for the explosions to despawn, the rest of the blocks will be unaffected by the fire. You can design your level defensively by doing a similar start as the section before the boss, as that one wasn't cheeseable

Regarding difficulty in your other levels, I don't think the difficulty was the issue as much as it was the pacing. A lot of the difficulty was artificial imo, due to infrequent checkpoints after very long stretches of content
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