Knight Man Fortress

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Knight Man Fortress

Post by Slash7 » Mon Jun 01, 2020 1:08 pm

407743 Knight Man Fortress is advanature level that starts easy and gets progressively harder. Player meet split sections where they need to take a path that where they will find a special weapons some of which are requires others will help them progress on main road. Most of the sections are not thematic based but one of them is fire area where players may be required to use a special weapon. At the end the player will meet Robot master that is made a bit more difficult with couple of gimmicks.

I hope you enjoy the level. Feedback is appreciated and thank you for playing!

note: The level may take a minute to load

407743 Knight Man Fortress

Bassnium Z - 325076 Part 1, 325079 Part 2; 324724 entire level but long loading time

302538 Construction Factory
183547 Area MD1 - Metroidvania based level

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Re: Knight Man Fortress

Post by Nickelasse » Tue Jun 02, 2020 8:16 pm

Pretty good level overall with some decent challenges, the only real hiccup I had was weapon energy wise after I got the laser trident. I discovered that if you run out of energy you'll get your arse kicked in the section with the projector enemies and all the ben k's.

Anyway, each weapon had their use and I had fun tackling the challenges. Especially the last one with the red lasers was really cool. Reminded me of battle toads for some reason, haha. ;)

I recorded my playthrough of your stage if you'd like to check it out, here it is:

Regular link:

Building easier levels made me realize how difficult it is to keep a stage "light" yet interesting at the same time. It is a fun challenge projected to the creator rather than to the player. ;)

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Re: Knight Man Fortress

Post by 6bee » Sat Jun 06, 2020 11:54 pm

What a great level.

It was challenging through its entirety, and no screen felt dull. You made great use of each enemy's attack pattern, used them in a way that kept the player moving, and most important of all left no safe zones from which the player could attack free of retaliation.

The weapons didn't break the level, and they all had their time to shine. Shadow Blade and Water Waver were specially fun to use because they required some thought and different execution behind their use to make the most of them, like in the vertical section with the Illusians. Even though the weapons were a great help it never felt that you couldn't make it through buster only. On top of that you even put an optional challenge. I always thought that E-Tanks were too strong of a tool, so seeing a challenge that actually test you for them is refreshing.

Your use of tiles and backgrounds is pretty good, and the way you made the gating system without relying on conspicuous weapon barriers contributed to the stage's visual integrity. Each area had their own visual flair and enemy set, which kept the stage interesting. Speaking of visuals, the section with the lasers was pretty good in that there were visual indicators were easy to see and pick up on, yet it still required the player's full attention for them to make it through.

The boss made great use of the press. The way it worked between recovering and being set to drop made it a more central point of the fight than I anticipated when entering the room. I was always paying attention to see if I could bait it into dropping so that it wouldn't get in the way once Kight Man got too close. This fight alone made me see great potential in this object. Another interesting point is how the conveyors were used to change up Knight Man's familiar walk speed.

This is my favorite level yet, and I just wanted to know that I think you did a great job.

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