Snivy's Adventure - Justice against the Odds!

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Snivy's Adventure - Justice against the Odds!

Post by Snivymaster1337 » Thu Jun 25, 2020 12:48 pm

I couldn't think of a better title, ok?
It's been just over a year since this entire MMM Fangame:tm: was started, and now...
Now it's finally complete!
Welcome to...

Snivy's Adventure!

Snivy's Adventure is a series of levels where you play as the hero and defender of Pokepark, me, Snivy (Bass with double-jump and Thunder Claw)!
Dash and jump your way through the levels, and find out who is behind all of this chaos!

... Hm? It sounds oddly similar to another MMM Fangame:tm:? Well, that's odd, but nevermind that, into the...


Oh wait, but first we need to thank everyone who had given Feedback:tm: on this project! If it wasn't for them, this project would've ended up being more... Interesting...
The Feedbackers:tm: wrote: Yoshi2018/19/20.
Kun Fu Cuts Man.
TheCreativeEye/Eye Thing/TheUncreativeExi/Exee.
Mistah Freeze.
And the various people who gave Feedback:tm: when I hosted these levels on online building.
Alright, onto the story now.

Part I - Investigation.

It was your average afternoon in Pokepark, not much going on, relatively quiet, and total peace. During this time, Snivy decided to check out the Threat Board:tm:, and on said board, he noticed a deadly threat level. It was coming from the Mega Man Universe:tm:.

Snivy immediately had tried to track down who or what was generating this intense signal, but the only thing he could find was a newly built deforestation center, however, it seemed mighty suspicious.

Snivy had set the coordinates to the deforestation center on their Poster Portal:tm:, and set out on their adventure, with the brand new Buster Extension:tm:!

So yeah, it's a Mega Man plot, not much new. But now that we've got part of the story told out, it's time for the...


Note: Various text will be seemingly invisible and underlined from this point onwards, such as boss weaknesses and plot,
if you wish to view this text, simply highlight it.

Intro Stage - Deforestation Station.

Dash and jump through this first stage, it isn't guarded the best, so it's the best place to learn how Snivy controls!
Boss - Research Defender (Charge Man, Spark Man, and Napalm Man.)
Boss weakness - It's eye (Napalm Man) seems to have lowered defense compared to the rest of the body...

After beating the Research Defender, surely enough, it had left a small USB, the USB had contained the coordinates three specific forum members, along with one mysterious robot...

Snivy, without hesitation, had inserted the USB into the new Stage Select Model:tm: (after checking out what was on the USB, first, though), and the mugshots of the four members appeared...

Gravity M/Fan - Lost Center.

Enter Gravity M/Fan's abandoned gravity center, where you'll find various gravity-related machinery that surprisingly still functions well, despite it being abandoned, although maybe not for long...
Boss - Gravity M/Fan (Napalm Man).
Weapon - Gravity Sphere (Flash Bomb).
Boss weakness - Zero Saber, because melee weapons do a ton of damage in MM8BDM.

KFC Man - Scloof City.

Venture through the city owned by Scloof Corp.:tm: itself! Spines, Bokazurahs, Suzys, there's tons to avoid to not get turned into shreds!... But is it just me, or have we been here before?
Boss - Kun Fu Cuts Man
Weapon - Kun Fu Cutters (Rolling Cutter).
Boss weakness - Gravity Sphere, because KFC Man jumps really high during his fight, so if gravity became stronger all of the sudden while he was at the peak of his jump, he would come crashing down and take a lot of damage.

Blizzard Boi - Frozen Peak.

Climb up the icy mountain that is Blizzard Boi's stage! In this stage, there's no shortage of count bombs and ice related enemies, so don't drop your guard!
Boss - Blizzard Boi (Crystal Man).
Weapon - Blizzard Attack. That's it.
Boss weakness - Kun Fu Cutters, because of ice and snow cutters, or something.

Brazencoronet17 - Sigma Fortress.

Coming from the future, Brazen has taken over one of Sigma's old fortresses! Go forth and take out his sinister high-tech minions!
Boss - Brazencoronet17 (Grenade Man).
Weapon - Zero Saber (Flame Sword).
Boss weakness - Blizzard Attack, because it freezes his blade, or maybe it freezes him so that he can't swing his blade?

After dealing with the four members working for whoever is behind this madness, it was revealed that apparently they were corrupted by some kind of dark energy. By bringing a sample back to the Arbor Area and inserting it into the Universal Search Engine:tm:, it had located a base in the middle of the desert. After entering the coordinates to the base, Snivy had hopped right into the Poster Portal:tm: to get there.

Mid-way Stage - Data Fortress.

This fortress right here is linked up the outposts set up by the four corrupted Forum Members, so expect to see enemies and segments from their stages, but maybe not the same way you remember them...
Boss - Darkness Turret.
Boss weakness - KF Cutters, because you get them from KFC Man, also known as Cut Man. Cut Man is one of Light's robots, and light usually prevails over darkness.

Plot from this point onwards will be spoilered.
After defeating the Darkness Turret, something had felt.. off to Snivy. He walked further past where he had fought the grand Darkness Turret, and had spotted two strange, yet familiar looking characters, both covered in shadows. He wasn't able to get a perfect look at them, but from what he had saw, one had resembled a robot, while the other couldn't be identified. As soon as they had noticed Snivy, they had both seemingly vanished, off to a mysterious place...

Not long after that, Snivy went back to the Arbor Area, and looked at his Stage Select Model:tm:, however, to his surprise, four more signals had shown up! Snivy had swiftly selected a signal, and activated the Poster Portal:tm: to take down these new threats!

Part II - Suspicion.

Tool Man - Robot Production Facility.

Where do all of villains get all of their artillery from? It honestly depends on the villain, but in this case, they had hired an entire Robot Master for their weaponry! Watch out, as you'll be seeing the factory do it's work, live! Speed past the conveyors, mess up the assembly lines, and carefully blast through Tool Man's swinging platforms!
Boss - Tool Man (Concrete Man).
Weapon - Tool Fix (Ring Boomerang).
Boss weakness - Rust Melter, because you probably shouldn't use a tool that's rusty.

Rust Man - Infernal Scrapyard.

Ah yes... Rust Man, the master of scrap... He would've been a truly revolutionary Robot Master if his creator had put more care into their creation. Considering this one's past, it's no surprise that Rust Man doesn't joke around! His scrapyard will turn you into a burnt snake if you aren't careful!
Boss - Rust Man (Pharaoh Man).
Weapon - Rust Melter (Concrete Shot).
Boss weakness - Discharge Buster, as Rust Man can't handle extreme amounts of electricity.

Slot Man - Card Casino.

Huh? What do you mean that the villain didn't need money to keep their buildings up? They've still gotta pay for that stuff, villains or not! Anyways, welcome to Card Casino, which surprisingly doesn't actually look like a casino, like, at all! Nonetheless, Slot Man's "casino" is jam-packed with punch boxes, wanted criminal robots, and the occasional brute, ready to tear down anything that comes within range of it! Oh yeah, and there's Yoku Blocks as well.
Boss - Slot Man (Top Man).
Weapon - Bumper Blockade (Wild Coil).
Boss weakness - Tool Fix, as Slot Man is essentially a living slot machine, so you could take him down, piece by piece!

And now... It's time for our special guest!
I announce the winner of the Snivy's Adventure contest...
KFC Man, with his stage, Volte Man!
Volte Man - Skyhigh Generator.

With so many outposts set up all around the world, you'd expect there'd be a place where all of the power is coming from, right? Right! This is Volte Man's very own personal generator that he was tasked to guard, make sure that he doesn't guard it for long, or else things might start to get out of control! Servants of Volte Man are high-voltage and ready to fight, however, they usually like to catch a ride on some of the new moving platforms, so take advantage of them to get around this static station!
Boss - Volte Man (Spark Man).
Weapon - Discharge Buster (Thunder Beam).
Boss weakness - Bumper Blockade, as the bumpers come in pairs, meaning that the electricity would go through one, then they would connect to the other, charging both, and increasing the damage output..

Finally, after beating the final Robot Master, the final data chip was received. After grabbing the chip, Snivy was almost, no, completely certain that this would answer any questions Snivy had. So he headed back over to the Arbor Area, put it into the Decrypto-tron-4000:tm:, waited, and the villain is...

... Yoshi2020?!

Yes, the Yoshi, the one, the only! Snivy was ahem, shocked once he saw this, however, this was no time for questioning what the his motives are! There's a world to save!.. Thankfully, the chip had also contained the coordinates of Yoshi's base, so he activated the Poster Portal:tm:, and prepared for the worst, but little did he know, there was more behind the curtain than just Yoshi...

Part III - Infiltration.

Fortress stage 1 - Discharge Plant.

Behold, enter the first fortress stage of Snivy's Advenutre! This massive power generator would make Volte Man cry if he saw it! Most of the guards are at the start in order to make sure that you don't get far, but after that, there aren't many, but then you'll have to deal with the generator's digital like machinery! Such as teleporters, teleporters that send you back, gates, and... Backtracking? No, no, wait... Am I reading that right?
Boss - Power Devil (Pharaoh Man).
Boss weakness - Zero Saber, as I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be too hard to slash through what is essentially a ball of slime.

After making it through the Discharge Plant, Snivy takes an elevator (which surprisingly works fine)to an upper level. This upper level contains another elevator, however, it is locked by 3 locks, each activated after completing it's dedicated section of the fortress. Nearby the elevator is three doors, one red, one green, and one blue (each one leading to a different fortress stage), so now Snivy may make the choice to choose which fortress stage to go to first...

Fortress stage 2 - Mass Wielding Furnace.

Woah! That is one massive furnace! What, you thought they just got those weapons from thin air? You're funny... But no kidding, this massive oven is filled to the brim with various newly made weapons! Including but not limited to, TnT, Fire Pillars, and the new Laser Protector 32:tm:! So don't lose your grip and stay focused!
Boss - Coal Charger (Charge Man).
Boss weakness - Rust Melter, as it has to drive over that stuff! That'd ruin it!

Fortress stage 3 - Research Terrarium.

Welcome... to the Terrarium of Terr-. Oh wait, wrong game. Welcome to the Research Terrarium. This place was specifically designed to test Snivy's abilities. Problem is, though, they made this choice so late in construction, that in the long run, it didn't even mean anything! .. This odd decision decision aside, this terrarium is also the "home" of various plants and bugs, however, being a grass type won't protect you from these ones...
Boss - Copy-Snivy (Magnet Man).
Boss weakness - Blizzard Attack because grass types are weak to ice.

Fortress stage 4 - Shining Mines.

If there's one thing Snivy hates more than fire, it's ice. The cold is just too much for the small grass snake... However, unfortunately, Yoshi was aware of this, so it's no wonder why he had stationed his fortress nearby an icy peak, however, what he wasn't aware of was that it was filled to the brim with various shiny and rare gems! The mines are home to a low amount of enemies, so you'd be safe in that regard, however, the gimmicks used are extremely dangerous, so be veeeeeery careful!
Boss - Supreme Frigid 'Razer (Pump Man).
Boss weakness - Rolling Cutter, despite how they look, the wires used to hold the S.F.R. up can easily be cut up by almost anything sharp, so yeah.

And thus, the finale begins...

Part IIII - Ambition.

Final fortress stage - Elevator Shaft.

The "final" elevator ends up at the final segment, a straight shot to Yoshi! Surprise surprise, it has tons of elevators on the way to trip you up! Don't let it get the better of you, you're almost there!
Boss - Yoshi Machine (Ring Man, Skull Man, and Bubble Man).
Boss weakness - Vine Whip, because apparently he's weak to plant based attacks? I don't know why, just ask him if you want to find out.

And so, there it was. Snivy's Adventure, that's the game everyone, you can go now!
... Ok, of course not, there's more.
After beating the Yoshi Machine, Yoshi had plead for mercy, which Snivy hesitated on giving, but he decided to let him by, but just the moment he decided, all of the alarms in the fortress went off (that's some delayed security you've got there), randomly. Suddenly, a Text to Speech voice said throughout the entire fortress...
"Self-destruct within 30 seconds."
30 seconds?! That's just barely enou- Oh right, he was on the rooftop, so he just dash-jumped off.
Ok, so now it's the end, right? Wrong!
After Snivy had finally escaped from the fortress, he had noticed a pitch-black chamber just outside of the fortress that wasn't there before. At a first glace, Snivy had thought of nothing after seeing it, but then he remembered the other figure at the Mid-way stage, and how the chamber wasn't there before. After realizing this, Snivy had dashed towards the chamber as fast as possible!

Final stage - Darkness Chamber.

It's time.
Can you survive the onslaught and save the world? The fate of the world depends on you...
Boss - ??? (The pit shadow text might help you with the name).

And so... Snivy had defeated the evil ??? and saved the world. Or so he thou-...
Ok, no. That's enough with the plot twists...
The evil ???, after being beat by Snivy, had seemingly disintegrated, along with the entirety of the Darkness Chamber, however, Snivy had teleported out safely.
And thus, that ends Snivy's Adventure, thank you so much for playing my game!

Hey there! This is the part where I'd drop the stats of all of the weapons and what they'd do if this fangame wasn't made in Mega Man Maker, so I'll just drop a doc:tm: link riiiiiiight here.
I don't really have much to say outside of that, that's really all for this post! Hope you enjoy Snivy's Adventure, but if you don't, as a wise snake once said...

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Re: Snivy's Adventure - Justice against the Odds!

Post by phunguy06 » Thu Jun 25, 2020 7:36 pm

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Snivy's Adventure - Justice against the Odds!

Post by Feliboom04 » Sun Jun 28, 2020 2:55 pm

Currently Working on my Mega Man Fangame made by this platform

Unconditional fan of Mega Man

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Re: Snivy's Adventure - Justice against the Odds!

Post by Sphyria » Sun Jun 28, 2020 4:49 pm

There is no need to quote such a long post only to write "amazing", so I took the liberty to remove the quote. Otherwise, it's a pain to scroll in the comments. ;)

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Re: Snivy's Adventure - Justice against the Odds!

Post by Uranus » Sun Jun 28, 2020 5:16 pm

0/10 lack of Uranus

(Jokes aside, this looks really cool)
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Re: Snivy's Adventure - Justice against the Odds!

Post by CommanderShramp » Sun Jun 28, 2020 7:42 pm

Holy Hell..this is awsome

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