Ruby-Sapphire Excavation (ID: 511739)

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Ruby-Sapphire Excavation (ID: 511739)

Post by 02gn » Thu Apr 15, 2021 4:58 pm

Hey everyone

With pleasure, I gladly want to present you my first level made in 1.7 (I'm for seriously, no joke): Ruby-Sapphire Excavation.

Type is a traditional level with few puzzle segments
Mega Man is the playable character
Very long and hard stage so it will load pretty long
Avaliable charge shot (MM4) and sliding
Weapons are: Quick Boomerang, Napalm Bomb, Noise Crush
3 bosses, 1 Energy Element, few E-Tanks

Go and play it here:

Summary: The stage takes place in a mine that was dug by Dr. Cossack. Mega Man sensed an Energy Element singal deeply underground so he had to go investigate. Many mining stuff stands in his way to the boss room. He will fight the guard robot and even a familiar foe, to find the EE.

Here's the surface:

and Ruby passage, with Molier excavating through it:

You need to play my level and check the secret of the Sapphire passage by yourself! Good luck and dig through every danger!

- 02gn
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