Inflitrating Wily's Castle pt 4 (Id:325208)

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Inflitrating Wily's Castle pt 4 (Id:325208)

Post by EthGaming101 » Fri May 10, 2019 11:58 pm

I guess I should introduce myself *terrible ahem*

Hi, my (user)name is EthGaming101, I guess.

Introductions aside, This is a level I have totally put effort. (not really, but check my other ones, (wow, advertising) they are smaaallllll.)
so yeah, I guess I hope you enjoy it! It's a boss gaunlet of sorts.

Oh yeah here's the link ok

p.s last fight is disappointing sorry

*edit: Wrote in actual formal english and actual put the id
*edit2: Can I actually put the id? Thank you.

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