Multi area level

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Multi area level

Post by megamanxyi » Fri May 17, 2019 12:23 pm

Warning: it's a big level and took so long to load (on my laptop.) So, be patient

Mechanic: (M)Charged and slide enabled, (P)Double damage enabled, (B)Double jump enabled.
(M)=Mega man, (P)=Protoman, (B)=Bass
Length: 56 more (forget to count.)

Hi! welcome to my level. In this level, i add 16 boss and divide them into a couple types(Boss, mini-boss, and extra boss.)This level will take you to 6 different area with some secret (you might need to go to the same area twice for it.) Here's some proof of the level.



Recharge room:
(if you need)

Electric area:

Bomb/Explosion area:

Stone and Flame area:

Wind area:

Water area:

Plant area:

Mid-Last Boss area:

Extras area

This level had 8 E-tank and 1 M-tank.
(I guess i'm putting those tanks too much. I hope it's worth for protoman.)

The extras area is used as a trial before you using the character you want.
(Bass is in a secret place. It's easy to find though. ;) )

I hope you enjoy my level. let me know if it's too easy or too hard.
(even though i bet the E-tanks part looks easy.)

Good bye.

Oh, here's the link :
My record: 00:14:19 (without changing character. 8-) )

Sorry for the lack of information. Still not getting used to this type of thing. Oh yeah, watch out for Plant and electric area.

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