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Infiltrate the Flying Fortress [ID: 347159]

Posted: Thu Aug 15, 2019 3:04 am
by Wunnup
Dr. Wily has constructed a massive airship somehow! Dr. Cossack has mobilized his squadron of airships for a counterattack. Spearhead the assault, Mega Man!

Infiltrate the Flying Fortress is an aerial level featuring heavy acrobatic themes involving various platforms which respond to the player touching them, as well as changing player's abilities throughout the stage via character changes and upgrades.

I was nervous to post this level, so I waited over a year. In that time the game updated, so I included some of the newer features, albeit not very many. If it feels like this level is old, it's probably because I used almost exclusively old assets from an older version of Mega Man Maker.

I tried to design the level with the idea of a smooth and gradual difficulty curve in mind, with the beginning being very easy, transitioning into something more intermediate naturally, and eventually transitioning into more advanced difficulty. However, I didn't want it to be any more difficult than the kind of stages you might find in an official Mega Man game.

Any feedback would be appreciated. ... ess-01.png ... ess-02.png ... ess-03.png ... ess-04.png