Mega Man 2 (campaign example)

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Mega Man 2 (campaign example)

Post by Zephadus » Wed Oct 02, 2019 8:20 pm

Title Screen:
Campaign Name: Mega Man 2
Progression: Open
Rules: Standard - All 8 levels available from the start. Linear fortress after main levels.

In the year 20XX (the first decade of the 21st century), a super robot named Mega Man was created by Dr. Light to stop the mysterious evil genius Dr. Wily's ambition to conquer the world (Mega Man 1). However, one year after his defeat, Dr. Wily returns on June 9 with eight of his own combat robots to challenge Mega Man.

Level Select:



1a. Navigate to your Mega Man Maker "Levels" directory
(usually located at C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\MegaMaker\Levels)
You can also get here by opening the Run dialog (Windows Key + R), and entering:
1b. (optional, but recommended) Create a new folder here called "hidden".
Put all of your current levels in this folder for the duration of your campaign playthrough.
(This step hides your other levels from the Mega Man Maker program, making it much easier to fund the campaign levels.)
2. Extract the campaign level files into the Levels directory.
3. Open Mega Man Maker.
4. Select "Play".
5. Select "My Levels".
6. Play the campaign levels as per the progression rules outlined above.
(main levels are named in order of appearance on the level select screen, but can be played in any order)

This campaign exists primarily as an example, but I encourage reviews, comments, and criticism.
An attempt was made to create 1:1 remakes of each level, however, in some cases, liberties had to be taken in order to preserve the function and flow of the levels (notably Heat Man, as well as Wily 4, 5, and 6).
Many missing elements are replaced by elements of similar function or type of challenge provided.
Creative liberties were taken where appropriate.

Please report any errors, and let me know what you think could be improved.
I intend to update this campaign as per user comments, as well as when Mega Man Maker updates.
(give me my Bubble Lead!)

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