Endurance run of challenge course 3

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Endurance run of challenge course 3

Post by Mabrick » Fri Nov 08, 2019 3:30 am

Its been a long while since i last made a level. Here it is. Its part of my challenge series called Endurance run of challenge. The briefing is that its a short stage course in which you are encouraged to speed through it. Because of the length, there is no checkpoints so try to survive and create your own strategies for your run.

Endurance run of challenge course 3.


Difficulty, Novice.

No charging or sliding.

Boss: Ice man.

Achievments (Has to be all done in a single run.)

Speedster - Finish under 4 minutes.
Trust buster - Complete the level with buster only. (Rush is exception)
No rush - Don't use rush.
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Lastest level: Endurance run of challenge course 3

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