Kairos Core / ID:382134

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Minoru Leonardo
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Kairos Core / ID:382134

Post by Minoru Leonardo » Thu Mar 05, 2020 11:00 am

Type: Special Weapon only (Flash Stopper)

Length: Medium-Long

Difficulty: Moderate

Mechanics: The level focus on using (or not using) Flash Stopper to overcome obstacles ahead.

Characters: Mega Man

Weapons: Flash Stopper only.

Additional: It has 3 E-Tanks. 1 is in plain sight, others are hidden.

Direct link: https://megamanmaker.com/?level=382134

Although ammo is not scarce, the Flash Stopper is not unlimited, make sure you always have a little bit of juice for the tricky parts.

Level's size. The size is pretty non-indicative since I had to use several surrounding rooms in order to deal with the auto-tiller's graphical quirks.
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  6. Kairos Core [ID: 382134]
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Re: Kairos Core / ID:382134

Post by Tyler-bot » Thu Mar 05, 2020 3:09 pm

Dude. You can remove those extra rooms using the map and just pulling them away by clicking and holding down the mouse button until you can move the entire screen. Then just move the screen away from your actual gameplay area and then delete the tiles on them. The tiles at the edges will stay the same and you won't have all those extra rooms eating up processing power. Nickelasse taught me that.

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Re: Kairos Core / ID:382134

Post by memelord69 » Thu Mar 05, 2020 6:48 pm

Let me get the nitpick out of the way. You need infinite energy respawners anywhere the Flash Stopper is mandatory. For each section, ask yourself, "could a complete idiot soft lock himself by accident here?"
If the answer is yes, then give him the infinite respawner.
And like the other guy above said, there's the editor trick that lets you keep your borders without the extra room clutter

That aside, I don't understand the negative score. It was a brilliant level. The visual design definitely stood out. The level got straight to the point with the gimmick, and the challenges had multiple ways to approach them, which is excellent design. The boss fight made complete sense with the theme of the level. Your level was completely enjoyable all around imo, very well done
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Re: Kairos Core / ID:382134

Post by Slope_Man » Mon Mar 09, 2020 7:56 pm

Weapon energy could certainly be an issue, because while the level does provide a good amount of pickups, it all seems a bit unnecessary. It seems you wanted certain rooms where you 'only get one' flash stopper. I suppose that's fine, although I generally did not see how that would really affect the challenge of those rooms. Still, one way to go about it would be rigorous energy spawners when you DO need flash stopper repeatedly.

The boss was definately a highlight otherwise. But one time I ran out of energy halfway through, and it seemed a little pointless.

The level has some adequate uses for time stop, but most of the rooms themselves don't turn out all that interesting to play through, if I'm being honest. It's mainly stop, shoot enemy, platform a bit. It's a little bit too repetitive. It would benefit from cutting a lot of screens, and maybe one more cool challenge where it matters where you stop the enemies.

I'd say the most immediate improvement of this level would be to switch flash stop as the main weapon for the buster. That way you will never have weapon issues for your main gimmick. You could still have the buster as a secondary, although to be fair I did not see that much of a reason for the buster weapon blocks and therefor weapon switching, since you can reset flash stop without any other weapons, but I suppose it would help clarify that you can do that by switching weapons.

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