Favourite level types and your thoughts on them.

Discuss level design, whether in general or related to your levels
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Favourite level types and your thoughts on them.

Post by Mabrick » Wed Apr 11, 2018 2:30 am

What is your favourite level category in a mega man level that you are comfortable with and enjoy making? There are well known level types which include Classic, Metroidvania, Puzzle, weapon challenge and kaizo.

I really enjoy the classic style in Levels. It just seems to be the most enjoyment I can get from these levels. They are very fast paced and I like blasting through unique gimmicks for some good quick challenge.

Mertroidvania isn’t fitting for me. I don’t really like navigating through a giant level and backtracking which gets cryptic the more you explore.

Puzzle levels are kinda not for me. Don’t seem to have patience in solving difficult puzzles with weapons.

Added 4/13:

Remake levels, these are just levels that are an attempt to refashion the classic megaman levels. However, they often go awry. Its that the Megamaker editor isn't capable enough to fully recreate these classic stages and thus, your creation goes limited, hence this is why i dislike these levels.

You can discuss your favourites and your least favourite level types here. Your thoughts on other level types can go here as well.
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Re: Favourite level types and your thoughts on them.

Post by Royalguard » Wed Apr 11, 2018 4:14 am

Level Types I Like

Traditional Levels - I really love me some levels that feel like traditional Mega Man stages. Not really much to say here.

Buster Only Levels / Buster & Rush Coil Only Levels - A traditional level, but with the exception of needing to complete the stage with only the buster, (and maybe Rush Coil/Proto Coil) equipped. This gives an interesting barebones experience, as if you where starting the first level of an official Mega Man game, and didn't have anything collected yet. Pretty fun in my opinion to make it through levels, with what would be only default tools in official games, in your possession.

Weapon Challenge Levels - A common level type based upon the use of usually only one weapon or utility. Usually leads to players to learning new ways to use a weapon that they may have never considered prior, and I personally find them to be good sources of inspiration for making levels.

"Nothing" Levels - A level in which you need to complete the entirety of without any weapons period. As you can't fight back traditionally, you are encouraged to find ways to evade around enemy projectiles, find creative ways to get around enemies, manipulate enemy AI so that they run into pits or give you an opening to sneak by, using falling blocks and moving platforms as a creative way to defeat or move enemies, and more. These levels I find to be a very fun exercise in problem solving.

Boss Chase - Bit of a niche level category in which levels are focused upon having a boss invincible to damage chase you to the level's exit, or to a means of defeating it with some sort of level gimmick. Seems to have been a somewhat common type of level in the earlier days of Mega Man Maker when there where much fewer resources in the level editor, but have since really fallen in popularity. It is a bit of a shame that these types of levels don't seem to get as much love these days, especially with how much more resources and bosses there are to work with.

Boss Collection - Another level type I like, but not very common, for the obvious reason of requiring glitches or knowledge of text editing levels to make. It is a level that just a collection of teleporters in a single room, each teleporter lead to a unique custom designed boss room. Aze's "Deflect or Die" is a good example of a Boss Collection level, you can find a link to the level topic here: viewtopic.php?p=21785#p21785

Level Types I Dislike

Puzzles - Although some puzzle levels I do like, some I just don't, especially ones which solutions can be very obtuse or require knowledge of something the average person probably wouldn't know about, and require outside readings to understand. A fair number of puzzle levels I have played also tend to have an annoying habit of killing you instantly by dumping you into a room of death spikes, if the puzzles involves choosing teleporters and you happen to select the wrong one.

Glitch Levels - Although Glitch Levels are amusing and fun to play, most people don't label them in the level name with what version of Mega Man Maker the level is compatible with, as such a lot of older glitch levels are now impossible to complete, and it annoying to waste your time playing a Glitch Level you find on Random Level only to realize the glitch it is dependent on is patched out.

Metroidvania Levels - A well designed Metroidvania type level can be fun, but a poorly designed one can be an absolute nightmare to play. Some people have a habit of making their Metroidvania levels have a obtuse method of progression through the levels that can make you lost, and leave you confused, and not sure where to go or what to do. Some Metroidvania levels have so much backtracking and padding involved, that the levels can get very tedious, very fast. In general, most attempts at Metroidvania type levels I have played seem to have the problem of overstaying its welcome in terms to its overall length, because it is unable to keep my attention and interest for the entire duration of the stage.
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Re: Favourite level types and your thoughts on them.

Post by LeonardMan » Fri Apr 13, 2018 3:32 pm

I barely play any levels made by other people at all, but I guess I can tell my favorites based on the kinds of levels I tend to make:

Weapon Challenge levels:
Almost all of the levels I've made so far (as of this writing) can be considered to fall within this category. Like Royalguard said, it leads you to learn new ways to use a weapon you hadn't considered before. The best example I've made of it so far is "Flying Fighting Machine", where you can do the entire level by flying infinitely with Treble Boost in the first slot, and not care that almost every floor in the level is covered in spikes.

Metroidvania levels:
So far, my only experience making one of these has been "Pharaoh's Tomb", but many of my level ideas belong in this genre. It may as well be my absolute favorite level type to create if only because it's the closest I can get to making a whole game (other than making levels in series like with "Mr. Gimmick). Sadly, it is not a very viable level type until WreckingPrograms can rewrite the code so that level tiles aren't active objects with collision (which takes up more memory than simply numbers in a two-dimensional array) and because of how much code needs to be rewritten it might simply never happen :( ...The other reason it isn't very viable is the lack of a real "multiple bosses" feature that lets you beat bosses without ending the level, though minibosses such as the Hot Dog and Tama tend to alleviate this.
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Re: Favourite level types and your thoughts on them.

Post by 8JKN4 » Fri Apr 13, 2018 6:14 pm

The level types I like the most are:

Just normal platforming,with normal weapons and a difficulty that's not too hard that makes me pull my hair out,but also not too easy,because then it's too boring.

Recreations of Mega Man Robot Master stages,or even levels from other games,can be fun if the maker makes a good job at it and you've played through the original version.That's probably the only reason they're fun tough,and not because I'm having a good time playing or something.

Levels based around a certain gimmick,be it one that already exists in the Level Objects menu,or one that's different.I made a gimmick stage once,and I'm pretty proud of it,even tough there are many flaws in there.

AUTOMATIC LEVELS(that are awesome)
Normal automatic levels are pretty boring,but some are pretty awesome and...that's it,I guess...

I like those because they're awesome Bug Reports material.I found a glitch level so glitchy once,that instead of putting all of the glitches,I just put the level ID there.

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Re: Favourite level types and your thoughts on them.

Post by Nigel Chinclucker » Mon Apr 16, 2018 2:11 am

Personally, I only ever really like traditional-style levels. For me, other types of video game levels made in Mega Maker don't fit because that's not what levels in 8-bit Mega Man are. Every level I've made in this game is my attempt to make a traditional-style level that could fit in a classic Mega Man game.
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Re: Favourite level types and your thoughts on them.

Post by Lukasposkus » Sat Apr 28, 2018 7:34 pm

I haven't played many lvls or created many lvl,but i still want to tell you my opinions:

Metroidvania lvl:they can be hard to make and takes alot of space and sometimes are hard to beat or play,but if it's used propally and is well made,then the metroidvania lvls are fun,it's really cool when you can make a lvl where you explore stages,areas for new weapons,items,enemys and ect. And if it's really fun then the really long metroidvania lvls are pretty cool.

Traditicional lvls:this is really a good idea,it can hit somebody with total nostaglia and fun,it's not the best type,but it's really cool because you can remake it in way that if you didn't look at the originals then you could think that the traditicional lvl was the original.

Puzzle lvls:it can be fun at times if the idea is pretty well thought out like the double Megaman Mans on screen and you could try to go further by helping the top or bottom megaman to pass or just is fun to play,but sometimes it's just well not really good...like mazes.

Auto lvls:yes auto lvls are kind of overrused and kind of bad like in MMM,but it's not the creators problem,that it isn't like in Super mario maker with full of effects,speeds,timings and ect.

Troll lvls:just...well....what do i need to say,they are horrible.

Glitch lvls:i like the ideas and some of the glitches that can help how to do that or that without the codes and stuff,are pretty cool,too bad that most of them don't work anymore.
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Re: Favourite level types and your thoughts on them.

Post by mradam » Mon Jul 22, 2019 10:22 am

:x i like to make non traditional levels where the weapons are hidden and there's a tool you need to progress to the rest of the stage and you need them more than once such things i've used include magnet beam, super arrow, items 1,2,3, rush jet, super adaptors and others

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Re: Favourite level types and your thoughts on them.

Post by MrDocrobot » Fri Sep 06, 2019 5:08 pm

I love Traditional and Progressive like stages. What I mean by Progression type levels is levels with different sections that give you different weapons and or prizes to help you with the next. Traditional levels are what I'm most familiar with and it's a good feeling when I encounter a stage that feels like a real Mega Man stage. Especially when it comes to being based on some of my favorite games in the series.

I dislike Puzzle Levels, though. They just aren't for me. Traditional levels fit Mega Man more to me.

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