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Weapon Analysis - Block Dropper

Posted: Fri Jul 26, 2019 6:12 am
by D-Man
Block Dropper - From MM11
Capacity: 14 Power: 4(per block) Type: Throw

Obtained from Block Man, the Block Dropper was the first weapon ever revealed for MM11. When used, 4 blocks spawn about 1.5 tiles below the top of the screen and plummet down to the bottom, passing through solid terrain as they do. It will always spawn at the same location, regardless of the player's position. They only break upon contacting an enemy, regardless of whether or not damage is dealt. Each individual block deals damage separately, and can defeat enemies even as it spawns, making this weapon best suited for mid-air and wide enemies. Despite being a throwing weapon, it can be used while walking. Activtaing the Power Gear creates 16 blocks instead of 4, giving it greater vertical range and power upon spawning.

There is a noticable blind spot in the attack that spans 2 tiles forward from the point of firing. It cannot hit directly above the user, either.

Block Dropper returns in MMM as the sole weapon from its game (so far). The weapon will now stop the player from moving sideways while firing on the ground (like other throwing weapons). However, the weapon can be fired while walking if it's on an icy surface. Blocks will break upon touching a reflective object like Flame Pillars. All other level objects will be passed through. If spawned in water, the blocks will fall down slower. Picketmen will be defeated in one hit from this weapon. When firing in between connected screens, only 3 blocks will be spawned instead of 4. Due to the absence of the Double Gear system, it cannot be Power Geared.
Overall, I would consider the Block Dropper to be a simply okay weapon. It doesn't have many unique attributes or interactions with the maker's objects, but it succeeds at doing the one thing it can do.

Re: Weapon Analysis - Block Dropper

Posted: Fri Jul 26, 2019 7:56 am
by Bean man
The simple ammo increase in it and Air shooter really make them more powerful than they need to be, though I get they didn't know Block dropper would initially use 2 ammo per shot when it was just a demo.

Re: Weapon Analysis - Block Dropper

Posted: Sun Aug 11, 2019 3:38 am
by D-Man
Recently I found out that the fall speed of Block Dropper is affected by the low gravity present in water. Each individual block deals damage separately to bosses as well, so positioning them just right can lead to double damage.