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How To: Make a Full Game (campaign)

Posted: Wed Oct 02, 2019 8:22 pm
by Zephadus
This tutorial assumes that you are making a campaign using your own levels.
Most images in this tutorial can be clicked to open a larger version.

First, you need to make all your levels (obviously).

After that, you'll need to mock up a level select screen.
Don't worry too much while making it, because it's only for player reference.
It should look something like this:
All it really needs is to show each of the bosses (levels) that are available in your campaign.
If you have more or fewer bosses in your campaign, make adjustments where necessary.

Next, add an "armory" to all your levels, and start Mega Man there.
In conjunction with your level select mockup, this room allows the player to pick up any weapons and utilities owed to them from previous levels, as well as re-collect any missable utilities (eg: Mega Man 1's Magnet Beam) and E-Tanks they collected previously. As I'm sure you've guess by now, this works on an honor system.

You may design it however you wish, but for sake of clarity, it's recommended that your armory layout reflects your level select mockup, with weapons and utilities arranged to fill the spaces where a boss portrait would go, as illustrated in the following animation.
note: the typical level select screen has been compressed for this example

In my own levels, the player drops down from the ladder below into what would traditionally be the first screen of the level, right onto a checkpoint flag.
This helps keep the player from having to collect their weapons again if they die early in the level.

If the screen above your start position is already in use, you can always put a one-way teleport, or alter the armory layout and use a boss door, as seen here in Crash man's level:

MINI HOW TO: One-Way Teleport
If you just can't fit your armory in a screen adjacent to your start position, you can make a one-way teleport.
I'm pretty sure this is common knowledge at this point, but I'm including it here just in case.
Start by placing the "entrance" teleporter in the armory, and the "exit" teleporter at your level's start screen.
Next, create a second "entrance" teleporter anywhere, and place the "exit" teleporter in the same place as the last "exit".
Now simply delete the second "entrance", and the "exit" of both teleporters will disappear!

You probably won't need a full armory in "fortress" levels, because the player must have beaten all the Robot Masters to reach the Fortress, and thus, must have all the weapons and utilities, however, it may be good to include one to carry over other collectables, like missable utilities (eg: Mega Man 1's Magnet Beam) or E-Tanks.
note: no larger size provided

It's recommended that your levels be named so they're listed clearly in the level select menu in Mega Man maker.
For example, my Bubble Man remake level is named "MM2 L1 Bubble Man".
The "L" is for "Level", and the number is an index number related to the level's position on the level select mockup, so the player can easily find and select their desired level using the mockup as reference.
Following with Mega Man 2, that makes Air Man level 2, and Crash Man level 8, etc.
Of course, this can also come in handy if your campaign is meant to be played linearly, or if your levels are grouped, like in Mega Man 7 and 8 (eg: first 4, last 4), limiting which levels are available to the player from the start.

The last thing to do in Mega Man maker, is to test your levels, and make sure they're functioning as expected (I can't count the number of times I've accidentally changed a screen scroll type), and are beatable.

Finally, navigate to your Levels folder
(usually located at C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\MegaMaker\Levels)
You can also get here by opening the Run dialog (Windows Key + R), and entering:

Add all the levels and supplementary material for your campaign to an archive (zip or rar), and upload them to the internet somewhere.
Copy the link, and paste it into your thread to share with the world!
Explaining how to install levels is also recommended.

Example Campaign:
Mega Man 2 (remake in MMM)

Re: How To: Make a Full Game (campaign)

Posted: Thu Oct 03, 2019 9:48 am
by DSN001
sorry, I cannot open or see images, is it because of the website you sended from, or just me don't see them?