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Forum rules

Posted: Wed Jun 07, 2017 5:31 pm
by WreckingPrograms
These rules are in effect in all forums, including General chat and Forum games. Breaking these rules can result in a warning, a temporary ban or a permanent ban, depending on the severity of the situation.

1) No illegal content
Do not post any illegal content such as commercial ROMs. If you're unsure if what you're about to post is illegal, look up more information on the matter before posting it.

2) No NSFW
Do not post any NSFW material, including but not limited to sexual or violent content. Referencing NSFW in a joking or non-serious matter is allowed as long as it doesn't go too far.

3) No spam or shitposting
Do not flood-post, overuse emotes or post anything else that could be considered spam or shitposting. If you really like your shitposting or memes, please post them in the official Discord server or the Fecal Forgotten Factory.

4) Be nice
Try to be nice to other forum users. Do not post hateful messages or attempt to troll other users.

5) No discrimination or racism
Do not post any content that could be considered discrimination or racism. Think before you post to avoid any controversy.

6) Be mature
Show general maturity. Use normal English whenever possible (dont typ liek dis) and do not purposely start arguments. The forums are English only.

7) One account per person
Do not create duplicate accounts, whether to circumvent a ban or not. Your alt along with your main account will be banned.

8) No jumping ship
Do not try to post in the forums purely to complain about your warn/ban on another one of our platforms or continue doing the things that got you warned or banned from those platform(s) in the first place.

These rules are subject to change at any given time.

Administrators and moderators reserve the right to warn or ban users for breaking these rules in any way. Please do not start unnecessary arguments with them if this happens to you, as this would likely only result in a higher warning or a longer ban.