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Frequently asked questions

Post by DestroyerOfDestruction » Thu Jan 09, 2020 2:36 pm

Frequently asked questions

Q: Will we be able to add custom assets like enemies and bosses?
A: Unfortunately, no. All these custom assets would have to be stored on the server and server storage is expensive. It's just not realistic for a hobbyist project, sorry.

Q: How can I support the game?
A: You can support the game by spreading the word about it!

Q: Can we use custom graphics or music?
A: Yes and no. You can replace graphics and music locally, but they won't be visible to other players, unless they have made the same modifications to their game.
Replacing music doesn't require modding tools. You can simply replace the .nsf files in the game folder (in the subfolder "Music"), but make sure to keep the same file name. Replacing graphics requires modding tools, and the developer team doesn't officially support it. Use this at your own risk. More info can be found on the dedicated wiki page:

Q: I get an error when I try to go online on Windows XP.
A: Mega Man Maker is not officially supported in Windows XP. It has been reported to work correctly in offline mode, but online mode causes issues. Sorry.

Q: When will the new update be released?
A: When it's ready. Creating an update takes time. Once the developers know a release date/window, they'll announce it. Please don't ask them for a release date, it won't speed up development.

Q: Will a determined asset be in the next update?
A: The development team will not answer that. To know what it's confirmed, you should refer to the assets shown in the Announcements subforum, the #game_announcements channel in the Discord server or the Mega Man Maker's Twitter. To know what is deconfirmed, read the Deconfirmed features list.

Q: Is a feature confirmed/deconfirmed because of what a dev said?
A: No, the only source of officially confirmed content is what is shown in the Announcements subforum, in the #announcements channel in the Discord server and Mega Man Maker's Twitter page. The only official source of deconfirmed content is the Deconfirmed features thread by WreckingPrograms. People can take what devs say the wrong way and think it confirms/deconfirms things. Also, the devs are only human and can forget things and make mistakes. Please only rely on the aforementioned sources as well as any official statements from WreckingPrograms.

Q: I forgot the password of my Mega Man Maker account. What can I do?
A: You should message WreckingPrograms, Luigi, Alex or Goldstorm on Discord about it and send them some evidence that the account is yours. The ideal method is by creating a level named "I lost my password" and sending them a screenshot of the title card of that level.

Q: I I found a bug. What should I do?
A: Go to the topic about the latest update in the Bug reports forum, read the instructions in the opening post and write about the bug according to those instructions. Do not report these bugs:
  • Gray screen = Server is experiencing heavy load and can't load things up in time
  • Error 500 = Server is experiencing heavy load and cannot handle your request at the moment
  • Persistence error = Server is experiencing heavy load and cannot handle your request at the moment
  • Error 400 = Your profile.ini and user account data don't match, delete profile.ini and try to create the account or log in
  • Music still plays after closing the game = Open the task manager and end the game process
  • Teleporter disappears at the other side and now it works like a one-way teleporter = It's a pretty cool bug so we've decided to keep it.
  • Error -70 while uploading = DM Goldstorm details on how you are connecting to the internet and other data about your PC
  • HTTPControl error = restart your MMM client and re-attempt the download. This is likely due to a connection issue.
  • "Cannot load buffer file at gml_Script_GME_LoadSong" error = Often, simply restarting your computer and trying again solves the issue. Other times, waiting about a day and trying again works. There is unfortunately no reliable fix.
  • "Data structure with index does not exist" error = do the following. Go to %localappdata%/MegaMaker/Settings and delete the files BeatenLevels.sav, PlayedLevels.sav and VotedLevels.sav. Restart the game and it shouldn't crash anymore. Keep in mind that this means the game forgets what levels you have played, beaten or voted on.


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