Shameless Plug to my MMM Modding Discord

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Shameless Plug to my MMM Modding Discord

Post by ihazkirbro » Mon Mar 09, 2020 8:24 pm

Hey everyone, I really hope this is the right place in the forums for this (I really tried, there isn't really a place for shameless plugs in the forums, but there's no rule against it, so really do hope this is the right place) but i created a Discord server where people can make mods for the game and submit them to parts of the discord where they can be stored, it even has a modding guide. But the thing is, its incredibly underpopulated, with only 3 people, i cant really get started, so, i figured that i would take the link to the server, and post it in a, populated, yet relevant area that people may consider joining from, here.

So, anyone willing to join? the server, if it becomes populated enough, could be a major modding resource for the community, which could be huge for the players who think that there's "not enough content" in the game.

Heres the link.

Again, i really couldn't find a place for this other than here, so i'm sorry if this is obnoxious or "out of place", i really tried to find a place for this, and, again, i figured that this forum would be the best place for it, i'm desperate guys, so please at least consider joining.
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