[Tester] Me, Random User

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[Tester] Me, Random User

Post by Random user » Tue Apr 03, 2018 4:43 pm

sorry for writing "me" and for sending this late, but by the time they can hire me, I'm interested, I have no problem, because I do not lack time in my life outside of school, the only thing I ask is that I do not need the 7: 00 at 12:45 or occasionally 1:45, but even in those cases, I'm almost always with free time, if my life is so lame, maybe I'll be able to be something in life, well, I have all day off and but every time, when they hire testers, I will always be there to help, I just need to know the requirements, I do not have any, except the time, I promise to be loyal and not give anything away, that would cost me a very expensive price. I am a person that I deserve a possibility, in addition, I analyze very well detail by detail, I am somewhat informed, but I still need to learn more, like, that I need to have to be a tester
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