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[Spriter] Cheeyev

Post by Cheeyev » Wed Jul 19, 2017 8:53 pm

So I was reading through the announcements of the Discord server and saw that WreckingPrograms was currently taking staff applications and since I thought about talking to the staff about this I thought as well I might as well make one.
So I'm application as a spriter, although I was thinking that instead of doing sprites, I would likely work on making tilesets for the game, as well as devamping some of the graphics from the non 8-bit games into 8-bit. This can be seen with some of my Wily Wars graphics devamps, like this one:
I do have other examples, although they're fairly unfinished if you ask me. You can see them here.
As for putting other tiles in tileset form, I don't really have any examples on that since I don't know how it's done, or something like that, and the tiles are already there, so, yeah.

Seeing as they didn't mention that they're looking for tileset makers, I'm not expecting to get this role, but I thought it was worth a shot.


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