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[Spriter] Mega The Guy(tm)

Post by Mega The Guy » Wed Jul 19, 2017 9:06 pm

So I've heard from other users on the Mega Maker Discord that applications were opened and this made me think that "This is my time to shine as a Spriter!", all though I'm not so good with making 16-bit sprites, I'm a pretty good spriter when it comes to 8-bit.
So here's 2 sprites I've made in the past as examples:Image

Sometimes trips I take in my personal life may shorten the time but I'm sure I can use my laptop to do the best of spriting.

I completely understand that if I'm not the perfect guy to hire, but at least I tried.

EDIT (7/21/17): I decided that the Rover Image I previously posted didn't fit the theme of Mega Man, so I decided to replace it with a custom weapon idea called "Triple Ripple".


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