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[Spriter] DogeMayo

Post by DogeMayo » Thu Jul 20, 2017 3:04 pm

Hi. My name is DogeMayo. I've been spriting for years (Seven to be exact) and thought this would be fun to work on. Honestly, I have never played a single MegaMan game (Other than this of course), though I recently have thought about purchasing the second game on Virtual Console as I do not own an NES itself.

You can look at my Spriters Resource account or DeviantArt for plenty examples of my work. (Both under the name DogeMayo) and/or DM me on Discord (DogeM#2555)

I believe I would make a good sprite artist for the team as I have plenty of experience and can do any style I put my mind to, and I make creative use of my limits such as the NES' to only have 4 colours per sprite (Transparency counting as one of said colours). I also have gained lots of knowledge over my seven years of spriting on how it can improve or various techniques like anti-aliasing or hue shading.

If I were to be hired my main area would preferably be the HUD, though I'd be happy with anything.
I would love to work on this project and help it progress, and an acceptance would mean the world to me.

Thanks. ~ Mayo


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