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[Spriter] KHRoxas

Post by KHRoxas » Thu Jul 20, 2017 5:10 pm

Hello all,

I've been spriting for more than 7 years off and on.

I did some new sprites and large amount of recolors for a fan game that is now dead.
I've ripped a couple of tilesets for use in game maker for the same fan game.

Recolors were mostly for Megaman / Kirby enemies as they were wanting to match Wily Wars colors for Megaman and DreamLand 3 colors for Kirby.

I have included links below as I didn't want to flood the page with all of it. I can change them to image links if you wish.

I work nights [3:30 PM - Midnight EST] but I have mornings and weekends to work on sprites. I can also do so while at work when it is dead. I have YY-CHR on the comp there so I can still do something.

Why should I be chosen instead of the others? I've done original work in the past that blended in well with official work. I'm extremely meticulous and will constantly make updates to something until it is to my liking. The Kirby Sprites are an example of that. This has been a passion of mine since I was a kid [Drawing / Gaming] and to be able to help contribute to another fan project would be an amazing opportunity.

I have changed these to direct images to save people a click. I should have done so from the outset. Sorry for that. The post will get lengthy so bear with me

Tile Set Recolors

[Kirby DreamLand]Image This has some sprites on it too

[Megaman 5GB - Mars]ImageHas recolors of enemies and bosses that would have been used in the level

Some examples of the recolors and a few original sprite sets

[Charge Man Train Tiles - Recolor]Image

[Lololo / Lalala - Recolor]Image

[MetaKnight Map Sprite - Original]Image

[Metall Kirby - Edit / Original]Image

[DocBot Movement - Edit w/ Original Sprites]Image

[DocBot TopMan - Original Sprites]Image

[DocBot DiveMan - Original Sprites]Image

I recently completed a Kirby skin for Link for the Link to the Past Randomizer.

[Kirby Spritesheet]Image


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