[Server/Database manager] MetalFox Dioxymore

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[Server/Database manager] MetalFox Dioxymore

Post by MetalFox » Fri Jul 21, 2017 5:55 pm

Hi !

I'm totally in love with MegaMaker and would be glad to help if I can !

I'm a full-stack web developper that work for a french company as PHP/JS developper. I work daily with SQL (MySQL, mainly, but also postgre and Oracle on some projects) and servers (either Apache or ngnix, and mainly using Ubuntu or Debian. But, let's be honest, my server knowledge are still a bit weak).

Even if my job is to write PHP all day, I love programming in any language. I have learn Java in my school days and used it for a personal project (little server for a game that we aborted soon after, sadly). I also have knowledge in C# for making some personnal projects (a key-recorder and replayer, a save analyzer for a game I speedrun and, more recently, a Discord bot). In fact, each time I have some time, I try to learn new things.

I also love designing applications and optimizing things. In fact, I love computer science and I'm not afraid to learn new things !

I work during the day, but could be free nearly every evening for this project.

I know I don't exactly fit the description you provided (no python, and maybe weaker server knowledge than others), but if you think I can help, well, here I am ! And learning new stuff doesn't disturb me =). You can contact me by e-mail or discord (MetalFox Dioxymore#7513).

~ MetalFox


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