What this subforum is for

Discuss your edits and propose your ideas for the Mega Man Maker Wiki and its pages here
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What this subforum is for

Post by rollerC » Mon Jul 22, 2019 12:26 am

This subforum is for discussion about the Wiki and its edits. For example, here is what we expect to see here:

- Threads about merging pages
- Threads asking for editing help with articles in need of dire rewriting
- Threads about deleting pages
- Threads questioning or explaining how to use certain Wiki features and templates
- Threads about whether certain bits of trivia should be allowed
- Threads asking to upload needed images

We should not see:
- Shitposting
- Thoughts on your favorite Robot Master using the Wiki as a citation
- “First” threads
- Exposing other editors for their subpar edits
- Threads asking to be a wiki staffer

Those are just some examples of what should and shouldn’t be posted in this subforum. Please utilize this place wisely to centralize your proposals for the Wiki.


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