[IMPORTANT] New wiki guidelines, please read

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[IMPORTANT] New wiki guidelines, please read

Post by rollerC » Sun Jul 28, 2019 6:44 am

The Mega Man Maker Wiki guidelines are now complete and ready for all editors to read! They go over very important information for everyone creating and editing an article, and providing consistent policies to follow across the WIki. (They also may have minor edits in the days to come, so keep your eye out for those as well.)

This may be part of a greater initiative to standardize Wiki edits, so keep your eye out for that. Any new policies will be posted and stickied here, only unstickied when most editors have read them.

The most important things I think seasoned editors need to focus on coming from these new guidelines are:
  • There are far too many pages with empty Glitches sections. Please remove them.
  • Incorporate "trivia" into the actual body of the article wherever possible rather than creating trivia sections.
  • Remember to only link to a certain page once per article.
  • Italicize the names of any media. Don't italicize names of enemies and weapons and the like.
Please feel free to discuss these new guidelines and any changes or additions you'd like to see below. If there's anything you want clarity on in terms of how the Wiki should be written, please ask below because your question may be worth answering in our guidelines. I will be available to answer any questions asked, so please don't be afraid to ask them. I spent quite some time on this, and want to make sure we get it right.

Thanks, everyone!

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