Proposal: Should non-Mega Man Maker trivia be allowed on the Wiki?

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Should general Mega Man trivia still be included on the wiki?

Poll ended at Sat Aug 31, 2019 4:41 am

Yes, this trivia serves a useful purpose to the wiki
No, this trivia is irrelevant to the point of the wiki
Total votes: 7

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Proposal: Should non-Mega Man Maker trivia be allowed on the Wiki?

Post by rollerC » Sat Aug 24, 2019 4:41 am

There are pages all about the Wiki with general trivia sections with small lists of minimal information relevant to their parent articles. I propose that, for the sake of limiting unnecessary trivia sections, we stop the practice of including non-Mega Man Maker trivia on pages in the Wiki.

Pages like Kouker, and Tackle Fire are emblematic of a broader problem on the wiki where information irrelevant to Mega Man Maker is included on their pages. This information would be a better fit on a Mega Man wiki, and indeed most of the information found in the trivia sections of these various articles are listed or given in their respective articles on the Mega Man Fandom Wiki. Mega Man Maker's official rules state:
Only include non-Mega Man Maker pages or trivia if it's relevant. That is, do not include pages/trivia that are obscure or unreasonably subjective. For example, notable/famous opinions of (former) developers or staff, community memes and references are allowed; non-community memes or opinions that do not meet the aforementioned criteria are not allowed.
The vast majority of pages with Trivia sections include irrelevant information that those in need of help understanding how an asset in Mega Man Maker functions don't need. The Mega Man Maker wiki is not about Mega Man, it's about Mega Man Maker, and we ought to ensure that only Mega Man Maker-relevant information is included. Examples of what I believe are acceptable trivia sections include Commando Bomb, Gemini Laser, and Batton. No doubt they aren't perfect, but they at least don't include information that isn't pertinent to MMM.
Name origins also aren't pertinent to MMM, and in my opinion should also be removed, however, I accept that others may not agree with that.

If my proposal is accepted, it would require a lot of effort from editors to go through pages that include non-MMM trivia and purge them. I suggest that if everyone who can were to simply go to the page of their favorite asset and remove such trivia, we would be able to cover a lot of ground that way. Searching "Trivia" on the wiki will also give a list of all pages with Trivia sections, which, while it may take a while to get through, is definitely feasible to manage. Perhaps in the meantime, these articles will be fixed of any other flaws that are noticed by their editors, as many pages are also littered with random flaws or lacking content.

Based on the above reasoning, I encourage you to vote no on the above poll.

Feel free to discuss my proposal in this thread, and vote on it here. After a week, the results of the poll will be carried through.

This also serves as an example to anyone who would like to write a proposal about a specific page or general Wiki policy--make a thread here to the effect of the one I wrote and include a poll with "Allow re-voting" enabled. Once a week passes, ask a moderator to lock the thread and the vote.

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Re: Proposal: Should non-Mega Man Maker trivia be allowed on the Wiki?

Post by DestroyerOfDestruction » Sat Aug 24, 2019 4:52 am

For me, trivia about how that enemy obtained the name is not to be listed, since it is useless.

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