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Gimmicks and Features hot list

Post by Staffy » Fri Apr 03, 2020 5:56 pm

Here I would like to collect all suggestions for features to implement in an easy to scan format. The Features selected however, are not wild ideas or "add this" or "add that" demands. No, the point here is to list things that are easy to implement, expansions of existing mechanics, and/or tweaks that might improve "quality of life." These Ideas are not demands, but more of a "Hot List" of features that the devs could throw in any update if they need to pad it out.

An example would be "giving more skins to yoku blocks."

Here's what I can think of:
  • * A zero count time bomb that explodes as soon as it is on screen
    * An option in the moving elevator that makes one button move it up and one button move it down along the y-axis
    * Ability to set not just the delay on cyclic gimmicks, but also the duration of the gimmick cycle once it activates.
    * Colored coded Key Card doors
    * Ability to set if Dust blocks can be destroyed by enemy attacks/projectiles
    * More colors for dust blocks
    * Ability to set custom nav meshes, so we can make invisible paths/secrets/false floors
    * Ability to set certain enemies as "room triggers" where no switches/interactive gimmicks will work with them still on screen, but will again once defeated.
    * Ability to set certain enemies (other than bosses) item drops for guaranteed health and ammo (i'm thinking the durable "mini boss" ones like the Power Muscler, Hot Dog, Tama, Whopper, Squidon and Big Telly, but any enemy, really)
    * A "stickers" tab for level elements that you can place but act like the background (girders, fences, a light selection of Level tiles, and other assorted do-dads like lamp posts, computer consoles, shrubs, etc,...)
    * Passive Props, such as cars, dumpsters, safety barricades, sand bags, fire hydrants, postal boxes, etc,...
    * Option to turn off/set how long before anti-Eddie jumps off screen
    * More teleporter models/colors
    * More Crash lift track colors
    * Option for Anti-eddie to carry Keys.
    * "Flowing water" style conveyor belt
    * A collection of Basic scene scripting effects like trigger sectors, event flags, and FX queues, (ex. Picking up a collectible triggers a mini boss battle, or defeating an all the enemies in an area triggers a door unlocking sound)
if anyone can think of more stuff LIKE THIS, post it here and hopefully after awhile we might be able to categorize it.
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Re: Gimmicks and Features hot list

Post by boltgreywing » Sat Apr 04, 2020 11:21 pm

The ability to switch to megaman 1 style spike physics in toggable form on each individual spike.
Split backgrounds on horizontal and verticle, and music change between levels.
Water being used as a background object so that spikes and objects can exist on the same parts of the screen that the water is.
Individual water tiles rather then it going all the way down.
Also the ability to toggle big eyes and the like to be instant death enemies on contact as seen in Eon's of Dreams 3 Rom hack.
Turrets from Eon's of Dreams 3.
The ability to lock the screen so the player can't travel backwards without relying on boss gates as they tend to be very glitchy. Boss doors have a tendency to crash the game, and get the player stuck in walls.
Also Invisible ceilings.
The spiny tops from megaman 3.
also added the ability to toggle solid or nonsolid on each non spike tile individually.

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Re: Gimmicks and Features hot list

Post by Runglo » Tue Apr 07, 2020 6:47 pm

Two things I would be grateful to see in MMM are:

Floor Light Rail Platform ( ... 7)#Stage_1)
(potential alternate form of the Crash Lift)

Flame Jet ( ... 7)#Stage_2)
(potential alternate form of the Punch Block)
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