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Mercury Block

Post by Blue_Bummer » Sat Nov 14, 2020 6:22 pm

Yeah yeah, I know Gameboy games aren't on the menu but I just can't help myself. Even though GB MM games are no where planned for MMM a single feature could still make it in. Just like how the Mega Man and Bass games have not been featured, yet MMM has reflecting Yoku Blocks that come from that game.

Mercury Blocks originate from Game Boy MMV. They are blocks that can be used as either hazards (dropping on the player) or platforms.

They are featured in Mega Mix so they could be ported over (hopefully) with ease. In Mega Mix they also interact with Super Arm, so that'd be a cool additional use for Mercury Block (as well as Super Arm) in MMM.

Mercury Blocks are very similar to Bari blocks, with the exceptions that Mercury Blocks are slightly different sized and can be stood on by the player.

Mercury Blocks also function similar to MM:PU Break Blocks/MM3 Junk Blocks in that they can move on conveyor belts, can be destroyed or be stood upon. Only Mercury Blocks are much smaller and allow for tighter customization per screen than the previously mentioned blocks.

In level design Mercury Blocks could offer a ton of customization. Especially considering how they can reshape terrain that the player and enemies can traverse by being destroyed and then remaining blocks falling. To help visualize this I'm going to point to a MM fan game that has an object that functions similarly. Namely MM:Super Fight Robot's Trash Blocks.

MM:SFR Trash Blocks

Zap Barrier's interaction with these blocks is especially attractive as well. I suppose some of the current shield and dash weapons in MMM could perform similarly, cutting a path and reshaping terrain through Mercury Blocks. It's no secret I'd love to see Cameos of weapons from MM fangames, but that's not happening any time soon (if ever).

Multiple skin choices for Mercury Blocks would be a huge plus with multiple colors. Stretching it maybe a Trash Block skin too (Cameo skin 😜)? That'd be awesome.

Puzzles, boss fights, or just plain level navigation Mercury Blocks would be extremely versatile and engaging for both makers and players alike.👍

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