My 1.8 wishlist

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My 1.8 wishlist

Post by 14Protoman » Mon Apr 05, 2021 4:46 pm

Ice wave
Astro crush
homming sniper
Chill spike
Acid barrier
Chain blast
Cactus spy
Kamminari goro
Picket man bull
Have "S.U" bee
Junk golem
Mettal mommy
Gorilla tank
Derusu bee and trees
Shirokumachine gtv
Trucker joe
Thorn I came
Tackle fire dragon
Haiker N´
Fire server
Arc weldy
Water pillars
Waterfalls and streams
Tomahawkman Flying Platforms
Darkness and candles
Junk man machines
Sword man raft
Stones destructible with bomb weapons
Stone man dust blocks
Frost man ice blocks
Robotic transport
Explosive boxes
Thermal iron blocks
Abbilities capsules
W tanks

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Re: My 1.8 wishlist

Post by LeonardMan » Fri Apr 09, 2021 1:12 am

The thing I want most for a main feature is simply that the devs optimize the game (maybe via dynamic loading of the colliders?) so that the bigger levels can run without lag in the potato computers that most of us have.

Failing that, a second choice is the Campaign Creator, which would only PARTIALLY solve the problem.

And if that's not possible either, then I settle for a couple Wily Stage bosses such as the Mecha Dragon or Mothraya.

Other than that...

Robot Masters:
Snake Man, Dust Man, Dive Man and Frost Man

Any two minibosses (such as for example Penpen Maker and Escaroo), or more if possible. Other than that, I accept any other enemies they want to throw in.

I'll accept anything from MM7-11, no particular preferences there. Rush Marine and Wire would be nice, though.

When it comes to music, backgrounds, tiles and level objects/gimmicks, I have no particular wishes, the devs can put anything they want there.

As for playable characters and pickups... I think there's nothing left to add there!
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Re: My 1.8 wishlist

Post by AceStar » Fri Apr 09, 2021 2:24 am

LeonardMan wrote:
Fri Apr 09, 2021 1:12 am
The thing I want most for a main feature is simply that the devs optimize the game (maybe via dynamic loading of the colliders?) so that the bigger levels can run without lag in the potato computers that most of us have.
I love this idea, I swear loading times got longer since 1.7!
I might as well chip in with what I want because I can dream.
Robot Masters:
- Shadow Man
- Gemini Man
- Dive Man
- Gyro Man
- Star Man
- Tomahawk Man
- Plug Man
- Bombombomb
- Cutting Wheel
- Bikky
- Dada
- Pickelman Bull
- Pickelman Dada
- Boulder
- Dachone
- Ammoner
- Sakugarne
- Slash Claw
- Scorch Wheel
- Plug Ball
- Homing Sniper
- Mega Man & Bass/Mega Man V/Mega Man DOS weapons
- An introduction to content from mainly Mega Man & Bass/Mega Man V, aside from those reflecting yoku blocks. Even a few tiles, BGs, or music will fill the gap. Wily Wars got touched on and I would love to see the non-numbered games get some love! I've also wanted weapons/RMs from the DOS games, but that's wishful thinking since those games are both licensed and totally panned by the fanbase.
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Re: My 1.8 wishlist

Post by UlticraftMTT » Fri Apr 09, 2021 2:45 am

I'd personally like a MM&B, MMWW, and MM:DWR - IV GB themed update next, probably the most likely too.

Don't have much to suggest but here's the content i'd love to see from said update:

  • Cold Man
  • Tengu Man: Could have a toggle for both MM8 AI and MM&B AI, probably would need some sort of visual indicator, like a different intro animation.
  • Mega Water S
  • Ballade
  • Additionally, maybe add a toggle for Astro Man to have his MM&B AI. He had a different intro animation in Mega Man and Bass originally so the devs could use that.
  • Slash Claw
  • Junk Shield
  • Scorch Wheel: Buffed to be able to be held in indefinitely and will increase the player's movement speed while being held, like the MM8BDM Scorch Wheel and sort of like the Hell Wheel from Rockman 4 Minus Infinity.
  • Rebound Striker
  • Acid Barrier
  • Chain Blast
  • Sakugarne: Buffed to create 2 damaging bouncing rocks after landing.
  • Ice Wall
  • Remote Mine
  • Wave Burner
  • Copy Vision
  • Magic Card
  • Spread Drill
  • Tengu Blade
  • Additionally, it would probably be a good idea to move the Mirror Buster, Screw Crusher, and Ballade Cracker to the Misc. weapon category alongside Shine, Nado, Perfect Freeze, and Command Selection, both to represent the Game Boy series, and to free up space for MM10 Weapons.
  • Carry (MM:DWR)
  • All remaining Mega Man 1/PU and Mega Man 2 enemies (Cactuspy, Kamadoma, MM1 Sniper Joe, Bunby Heli, Bombombomb, Peng, Super Cutter, Claw, Goblin, Petit Goblin, Kaminari Goro, M-445, Monking, Springer)
  • Dachone (MM5)
  • Gorilla Tank (MM6)
  • Shirokumachine GTV (MM7)
  • Cline (MM8/MM&B)
  • Gorithree (MM8/MM&B)
  • Metrenger (MM8/MM&B)
  • Sisi Roll (MM8/MM&B): Can be changed between its Mega Man 8 or Mega Man and Bass behavior. In its Mega Man 8 AI, it will bounce around the room, sometimes releasing Mini-Sisi Rolls or Rompers, and will lock boss doors, due to being a midboss. In its Mega Man and Bass AI, it will not lock boss doors, and will bounce around the room with greater delay, destroying Ice Blocks and Cracked Blocks it lands on.
  • Camouflametall (MM9)
  • Big Stomper (MM9)
  • Yonbain (MM10)
  • Boyorn (MM11)
  • Mawaru C (MM11)
  • Cutting Wheel (MM:DWR) I think it would be cool if Cutting Wheels could be reflected away using the Mirror Buster, Shine, or Jewel Satellite, exploding upon contact with terrain. Similar to how you can reflect away Cutting Wheels with the temporary Mirror Buster powerup in Dive Man's Stage in Rockman 4 Minus Infinity.
  • Pickelman Dada (MMIII GB)
  • Press'n (MMIV GB)
  • Big Telly (MM&B): The Big Telly from Burner Man's stage, colored red and orange like the MM6 Fire Telly to differentiate from the MM8 Big Telly. Hovers around in a sine wave motion, and will drop a bomb creating a temporary Fire Wall moving up and down at the bottom of the screen if not killed in time.
  • Mokumokumo (MM&B)
  • Plasma± (MM&B)
  • Shield Attacker Stopper: An invisible object that causes MM4-MM6 shield attackers to turn around but not Hannya Attackers.
Level Objects:
  • Guts Hover (MMIV GB)
  • Move Hover (MMIV GB)
  • Rising Balloon (MM&B)
  • Melody Response Cannon, Buttons, Door (MM&B)
  • Force Beam Prism: Turns around any mid-air force beams that come in contact with it, Unlimited Rainbow Man and CX Kamen Rider-style.
  • Wily Wars Tiles and BGs
  • Mega Man and Bass Tiles and BGs
  • NES-Colored MM:DWR - MMIV GB Tiles and BGs
  • MM7, MM9, and MM10 Wily Plates
  • Unused Air Tile 2 and Time BG (PU)
  • L A V A
  • MM&B Music
  • Original tracks from MM:DWR - MMIV GB
  • Yellow Devil Theme from Mega Man: The Power Battle (Boss Theme)
  • Unused Theme from Mega Man 7 (Boss Theme)
  • Air Man Ga Taosenai (Extra Theme, in same category as Kaze Yo Tsutaete and the 30XX Theme)
  • Toggle for player sound effects from Mega Man 1, 2, 9, and 10 (Buster shot, player damage, enemy damage, water, door, shot reflect, land, teleporting in and out, etc.). They sound better than the 3-6 SFX (though those should be kept as an option), it would be almost effortless to program, and it would be convenient to not have to mod the sound effects in every time there's an update.
  • Ability Capsules and Removers
  • MM7 Bass Buster, MMPB/MMPF Proto Bash and MMPU Roll Swing
  • Mini E-Tank (MMIV and MMV GB): Collect 4 to gain 1 E-Tank. The amount you've collected is displayed where keys used to be displayed pre-1.7, next to the player's health bar.
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