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Autosave feature

Post by noir11 » Sun Jun 23, 2019 10:44 am

I initially did not know about this function, but it once saved a life - I did a level for a couple of hours and accidentally pulled the cord out of the laptop, I thought it was the end, but no.
Our days, I still continue to build that level, and it is already large enough, and here the autosave function plays a negative role. After all, this function does not turn off, and the greater the level, the longer it takes to save - now I wait 1.5 minutes for it to pass. As a result, from 30 minutes that I sometimes have to compose a single room, somewhere in 10-15 minutes it takes me to wait, during which I cannot do anything. Make this feature optional (the ability to disable it in options will save a ton of time)

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Re: Autosave feature

Post by TheCreativeEye » Sun Jun 23, 2019 6:42 pm

I do support this suggestion a lot, but until they do add this function, if they will ever do anyway, your best option is erasing the level name in the settings menu and then typing it again when you want to save
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Re: Autosave feature

Post by supersmashgaming » Mon Jun 24, 2019 1:41 am

I support this idea. When I'm making big levels in the middle of building it my game freeze with now warning. Possible have a warning countdown warning you that the level will be auto saving in 3 seconds. Also maybe add a autosave icon like the Make a Good Mega Man Level games.
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Re: Autosave feature

Post by Darthmagus » Mon Mar 16, 2020 4:14 pm

necroposting this post because this is a must, as this is really annoying and did make me to think the problem was my computer.

Seriously, this is almost a bug as you have no friendly control about it.

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