All robot master weapons from Mega Man 11 needs to be added into Mega Man Maker 1.6

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All robot master weapons from Mega Man 11 needs to be added into Mega Man Maker 1.6

Post by yotubesocialhd2 » Tue Jul 16, 2019 11:48 pm

Beings as the Mega Man 11 assets are going to be in Mega Man Maker 1.6! They should add all of the weapons from Mega Man 11 into Mega Man Maker 1.6! Gives us some variety!

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Re: All robot master weapons from Mega Man 11 needs to be added into Mega Man Maker 1.6

Post by Napalm Crusher » Wed Jul 17, 2019 12:16 am

This is what I think...

Block Dropper: We already have this weapon.

Scramble Thunder:It won't be a bad entry, since we are lacking on electric weapons... but Scramble Thunder would one of the harder weapon to code

Chain Blast: The weapon is not bad, but there are better options.

Acid Barrier: Mega Man Maker lacks on good shield weapons... the only good shield we have is Jewel Satellite. Acid Barrier would be really versatile in a stage making game.

Tundra Storm: It's ok... it's interesting.

Blazing Torch: I think we have way too many fire weapons, but Blazing Torch is still a good candidate

Pile Driver: Yes... just... yes...

Bounce Ball: it's great, but... *cough* *cough* CRYSTAL EYE *cough**cough*
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Re: All robot master weapons from Mega Man 11 needs to be added into Mega Man Maker 1.6

Post by D-Man » Wed Jul 17, 2019 2:56 am

Here's my take on the MM11 weapons, and how viable they would be in MMM. They are ordered from most wanted to least wanted.

Pile Driver: Dashing melee weapon that lets the player do an air-dash too. Yes please. Imagine being able to chain a midair Charge Kick jump into a midair Pile Driver, followed by a few Shines and a Top Spin bounce. This weapon would be right at home in high technical/Kaizo levels.

Scramble Thunder: Electric-based floor crawling weapon that goes in two directions, can be aimed up/down as well as forward, and creates a small electric field upon contacting enemies. A competent weapon, as well as one that easily sets itself apart from the few electric and floor-crawling weapons MMM already has.

Tundra Storm: A unique pseudo-screen wide weapon that annihilates anything above or below the user, and freezes them if it doesn't. Is an ice-based weapon, so it could be used to freeze Flame Pillars. The current ice weapons MMM also have low damage output, which gives this weapon an advantage over them.

Acid Barrier: Shield weapon that can block multiple projectiles and fire blobs of acid in an arc. However, the shield's inabilty to damage on contact by default is something that I believe cuts into its viability (as every other shield before it could do this). Giving it the ability to deal 2-4 damage directly (with the damage depending on its remaining size) would help it hold its own against the competition. It would still dismantle after direct contact.

Blazing Torch: Armor-piercing fire weapon that shoots a fireball diagonally upward before crashing down as a flaming dragon head. While MMM already has 5 fire-based weapons, it differentiates itself easily from them due to the aforementioned attributes.

Chain Blast: Explosive weapon that latches up to 4 bombs onto enemies and can be remotely detonated. More bombs attached means a bigger explosion radius. Has some creative potential, but does not stand out very much compared to the 5 explosive weapons already in MMM.

Bounce Ball: Like Napalm Crusher implied, this weapon is very similar to Crystal Eye, though it also shares a lot in common with Triple Blade/Rebound Striker (it's just as spammable as the former, too).

List of Weapon Analyses I made: viewtopic.php?f=14&t=10244

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Re: All robot master weapons from Mega Man 11 needs to be added into Mega Man Maker 1.6

Post by LeonardMan » Wed Jul 17, 2019 3:16 pm

The weapons I personally want are just Scramble Thunder and Tundra Storm, because of their elemental themes... MAYBE Acid Barrier, if it counts as water-type. Other than that, I'm okay with anything else they decide to add.

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Re: All robot master weapons from Mega Man 11 needs to be added into Mega Man Maker 1.6

Post by Blue_Bummer » Sun Jul 21, 2019 4:47 am

Honestly I'm not too impressed with most of the new MM11 weapons, as they are either too similar to many older MM weapons or just seem underwhelming. My greatest interest and hope is that the Developers of MMM continue to add weapons/items that offer new gameplay and level design opportunities.

Best weapons out of MM11, for me personally, are..

Block Dropper (already in)
Pile Driver (being able to be chained with Charge Kick would offer some great gameplay strategies)
Acid Barrier (excellent new barrier variant that sets itself apart from previous barriers)
Scramble Thunder (great new variant that offers new twist to wall crawling and ceiling crawling attacks)

I suppose the Devs could offer tweaks to give more individuality/originality to some of the less impressive MM11 weapons, they've done a great job so far in their design decision tweaks to weapons. 8-)

After taking a second look, the Chain Blast weapon is a cool power that is very original and would also be a great addition. Chaining floating bombs together like air mines is a nice touch.

Giving Pile Driver the ability to break destructible blocks would also be good (like Break Dash from Gameboy MM V).

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