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Post by D-Man » Mon Dec 09, 2019 3:06 am


Generalized room-wide effect that has appeared in many MM games, and conceals the player's view under shadows. There are many ways to light it up, however. The outline below draws from all iterations of this gimmick.

Darkness would be similar to Rain in that it would be a 1x1 object in the editor that extends its effect to an entire screen, and would be able to stack with the aforementioned. While Darkness is active, all solid tiles and spikes are hidden, and the background changes to pitch black. The player, enemies, and objects would still be visible.
The only way to remove Darkness would be to transition to a screen without it, spawn a fire/electric-based enemy or object, or use fire/electric based weapons yourself. Flash Bomb's explosion would also light the room up for its duration. Flash Stopper can reveal the hidden terrain during its inital flash. The default Busters would be able to brighten the room for half a second per shot.

A general Darkness object is less restrictive than the Floor Light in hampering the player's vision, and can also be used to make smooth transitions between backgrounds. Many weapons, enemies, objects, and even bosses can also interact with this object to temporarily light your surroundings. Finally, by establishing a general Darkness object, it can pave the way for enemies like Hologran and 100 Wattan to be considered.

Though not originally possible, Pharaoh Shot's full charge should also dispel the effects of Darkness while it's intact.

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Re: Darkness

Post by Blue_Bummer » Mon Dec 09, 2019 1:27 pm

Yes Plz. :P

It was the dark room settings that I suggested in relation to if they ever added MM7 Scorch Wheel to the weapon roster. Since Scorch Wheel could light torches in Shade Man's stage to provide light, and that is a very limited use, I suggested that when Scorch Wheel would be active it could light a room like how ChangeKey Maker does (as shown in the wonderful gif examples you posted above).

If they include this dark room gimmick, then the MM4 100 Watton (also exhibited in the gifs above) and Dompan would be an excellent pairing with it.

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Re: Darkness

Post by AppendixOfTheCards » Mon Dec 09, 2019 5:55 pm

Yes, I am all for this feature. So many uses and possibilities.

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