Dust Man's self-assembling blocks

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Dust Man's self-assembling blocks

Post by Buster » Sun Jan 26, 2020 3:37 pm

Did you know that those blocks disassemble themselves a while after they're spawned?
Just that the time needed for it to do so is so long that hardly anyone can notice. However, after it goes away, it will never come back, unless its original location is scrolled off and back on screen. This one aspect is enough to treat them as level objects, though it could use even more spice. Like how short it stays assembled (since the default time is way too much), and which direction it comes from.

1) Why?:
It's still a quite unique gimmick and extra modifications will most likely make it much more useful.

2) How?:
In the editor, the object will have 2 settings: arrow and number. Arrow points at the direction from which the block comes from (e.g. when pointed down, the block will come from the bottom edge of the screen). Number says how long the block stays assembled (default could be 5, which would equate the original time).

In game, the block will come from the pointed direction to its placement point, stay assembled till the pointed time, then go back where it came from, despawning itself. If the player is caught inside the composite pieces, they should be shunted upward.

3) Other:
There could be a toggle to make the block come back by itself after going offscreen. Blocks should ideally blink before disassembling.
A fangame Soon™ to be announced, maybe.

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