Your mm or mmx boss ideas.

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Your mm or mmx boss ideas.

Post by Aze » Sat Oct 14, 2017 10:14 pm

Let's say you are in charge of designing the 8 main bosses of a mm or mmx game, what would they be, what's their stage gimmick, their weapon and who do they counter?

My bosses would be: Laser Man, Mirror Man, Sound Man, Bolt Man, Circuit Man, Glue Man, Acid Man, Steel Man

Laser man's gimmick would be, well lasers, like they would start small, they don't deal damage but they get brighter indicating that they get stronger, the boss would be similar, the less health he has the more powerful laser he emits.
The weapon get is Laser Beam, it acts the same as the boss' weapon, it's a long line getting stronger and stronger, starts doing like 2 lines of damage per second and after a bit gets stronger and does 4 lines of damage per second, maybe the limit should be 8, to balance this out it also drains weapon energy faster. Laser Beam would counter Steel Man.

Steel Man's gimmick would be that enemies and destroyable blocks in his stage have layers to them, small crushing ceilings, an area where metals are combined, cooled and reheated to create steel. Steel Man himself would be a larger boss than the other rm, about gutsman's size, he is more of a melee boss, he can create blocks of steel and punch them towards you, the steel would stay until he charges into a wall, if a block is there it would break apart and the wreckage would scatter sharp metal from that point. Weapon is Steel Block, mega man creates a steel block about his size and punches it forwards, it breaks upon hitting a tougher enemy and it will also send sharp metal, the downside would be that you can't effectively hit air enemies with this. Steel Block would counter Acid Man.

Acid Man's gimmick would be acid pools and toxic clouds which rain acid. Acid Man can morph into Acid to travel on the ground, he can spray acid when he is robot form, he can also turn into a gas form, traveling by air and rain acid. His weapon would be Acid Burst. Mega Man sprays a couple drops of acid in an arc, the acid stays on the enemy for a bit and damages them more. The downside is that you can shoot 1-2 of these bursts at a time, leaving you vulnerable, it would do best damage at close range so that all the drops of acid hit 1 enemy. Acid Burst would counter Glue Man(he would corrode pretty quickly).

Glue Man's gimmick would be puddles of glue on walls and the floor, you cannot move on it, you can jump out of it, turn around and you can still shoot. Same for walls, a sort of wall jump from mmx if you will. Glue Man would hurl puddles of glue around the room, it does no damage and it fades away after a bit, but it does the same thing the glue in the stage does. His Weapon Glue Shot would create a puddle, any enemy that walks over it would get stuck, hitting an enemy would make them sticky and if they get in contact with another enemy they would be stuck together, the downside it does not do all that much damage. Glue Shot would counter Circuit Man (mess up that circuit with glue).

Circuit Man's gimmick would be a puzzle level of sorts, where you need to move resistors to a spot in the electrical circuit so the current would fall down, once it falls down, the electrical wall would be gone and you may proceed. Circuit Man would use an electrical circuit in the background to move quickly to a certain spot, he would shoot Circuit Connect at you, while it does not harm you, it connects you to either the ground or the circuit, so circuit man may move closer to damage you with contact damage. Circuit Shot is kinda like parasitic bomb from mmx3 once it hits an enemy, it will attach itself to another enemy and shock both enemies. It works on all enemies, even bosses (unless they are immune to it). The downside is that it's useless against an enemy who is alone. Circuit Connect would counter Bolt Man (it would ground him).

Bolt Man's gimmick would be flashes of electricity that travel across the screen horizontally or vertically, you also need to race certain bolts to enter the next area. Bolt Man would move on the ground then on the wall then on the ceiling, basically around the screen. leaving a bolt of electricity behind him, then he stops and dashes towards mega man's current location, Circuit Connect would connect him to the ground, greatly reducing his mobility and damaging him. his weapon is Bolt Dash, it acts kinda like the blade armor in x6, you can dash on the ground or air horizontally a long distance. Making you invulnerable and damaging anyone in your path. The downside is that if you are not careful you can crash into an enemy or something else dangerous and it drains a fair bit of energy. Bolt Dash would counter Sound Man.

Sound Man's gimmick are sound waves launched from turrets, the sound waves get bigger and bigger until they hit a wall, Sound Man has a similar Attack. His Weapon would be Sound Wave, it starts small in size and damage, then gets bigger and bigger both in size in damage, it passes through enemies but stops when it hits a wall, so it's not very useful for close range. Sound Wave would counter Mirror Man (shatter him).

Mirror Man's gimmick would be reflective walls, ceilings and floors, it also has a section where it creates a clone of mega man on both of your sides, they cannot be destroyed until the end of the section, whatever you do they do it too, if you shoot the one in front and behind you would shoot and the one behind you would damage you, so you need to be either be good at dodging or try to lose one of the clones with clever platforming( for example you land on the edge of a platform so the clone will fall in the pit). Mirror Man would create 2 clones of himself on different points of the room, they all shoot at you and do dmg, only one of them is real and you need to find the real one (a reference to the mm3 clone bossfight). Another attack would be create a bunch of clones of himself which charge at you, they can be destroyed or dodged, the real Mirror Man is in one of those attacks. He would also create Mirror Walls in the room that reflect your shots (his weakness breaks this though). His weapon is Mirror Wall, it creates a wall in front of Mega Man and any non destructible projectile will be reflected back, the destructible projectiles will destroy the wall in a couple of hits, that's the downside to the weapon. Mirror Wall would counter Laser Man (reflect his attacks back at him).

What do you guys think? I would also love to see your own robot master or maverick ideas, I'll maybe add a list of mavericks later.

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Re: Your mm or mmx boss ideas.

Post by Midaras » Sun Oct 15, 2017 1:32 am

I decided to put the robot Masters in order of their weakness, but when I actually first thought of them is indicated by their identification number.

HON-1: Disc Man

Disc Man is a digital and cyber security Robot Master that resides in cyber space, he doesn't have a standard buster but instead kinda like a circular saw that fires out discs. The gimmick is force beams and Yoku blocks that flash in and out of existence, just like the flashy atmosphere of colorful light rays pulsing thought out the stage. Disc Man is very agile thanks to his sleek and aerodynamic design, having rounded feet that let him glide around the arena. His weapon is the Disc Drive: a shield weapon that summons three colorful and fast rotating discs that do a lot of damage up close, and one can through the individual discs in 8 directions but do poor damage. The Disc Drive is the weakness for HON-7: Scuba Man

HON-7: Scuba Man

A ship wreckage scouting and excavation Robot Master, he doesn't have a buster but instead two little compartments on top of his wrists that fire out his weapon. The main gimmick is that there's sections where Mega Man is so deep into the ocean that it's completely dark. The only way he can see is with angler fish and electric eel robots illuminating platforms, but at the same time they're blocking the platforms or a jump path to them. Either the player has to wait till the perfect opportunity to move with the lights on, or they can kill the robots to move faster but can't see where they're jumping. His weapon is the Chain Whip: a chain that gets shot out really fast to the point that it's like a whip. It fires in sorta of an arc that it can hits enemy that are slightly above Mega Man. This can be related to the Slash Claw or Flame Sword where they're melee weapons, but has a bit more range like the Thunder Claw A.K.A. Clown Man's weapon. The Chain Whip is the weakness to HON-3: Hunt Man.

HON-3: Hunt Man

A sport hunting Robot Master, where he has a ginormous shotgun like buster for an arm that also can become a sniper rifle. His stage is themed around camouflage and stuff being hidden behind tall grass that makes up a fore-foreground. He has this one section where if you have a certain weapon, you can destroy a block that leads to an alliterative route inside a underground cave with specialty platforms. His weapon is the Hunt Shotgun: A variation of the buster where it fires out a spray of 5 random bullets that do a moderate damage. It can be similar to the Triple Blade where if done up-close it can do massive damage as all 5 bullets hit a robot. The Hunt Shotgun is the weakness for HON-4: Lycan Man.

HON-4: Lycan Man

An animal protectionist Robot Master that is mortal rivals with Hunt Man. He's a very tall and lanky Robot Master, having no buster and entirely relies on his sharp claws and extendable arms and legs to help his aggressive nature. His stage... I haven't really thought about all that much, so count his stage as like Wood Man's stage where there isn't any specialty platforms or gimmicks it's just... there. His weapon is unique where it's the Wolf Howl: it does a full screen clear like Gravity Hold or Tornado Blow, but it's weak and only does 1 to 2 damage. But the main thing about it is that once activated the weapon is then put on a timer where Mega Man can switch to any weapon or just his buster and now does double damage (may make it only buster doing double damage, but for right now I'll allow ever weapon to give it something unique). The Wolf Howl is the weakness for HON-5: Skate Man.

HON-5: Skate Man

An entertainment and promoter of extreme sports Robot Master. Skate Man does not have legs, and instead is attached to a hover board that lets him dash around all over the place. His stage gimmick involves slops steep enough that it makes Mega Man get propelled like he's on a half-pipe. Skate Man's weapon is the Sliver Board (please refrain from making a Fantastic 4 joke): ...I haven't really thought about this weapon as much yet, so as a place holder think of it as the Super Arrow from Mega Man 5. The Silver Board is the weakness to HON-6: Mineral Man.

HON-6: Mineral Man

A mining Robot Master. His face is covered up with a bandanna and miner's helmet, but his head is like Jewel Man's where it's a giant rough shaped mineral. He has a pickax for an arm, but along the side of it is a string that make it a crossbow where he can take out minerals from his bag on his bag, load it, and fire it. His stage evolves mine carts that zoom by really fast that Mega Man can use as platforms, but must be cautious to them as it can push him into spikes. In fact there's segments where he's one a mine cart and has to jump and slide under drill burrowing from the ground and ceiling that insta-kill him. His weapon is the Mineral Cracker: a chargeable weapon where if fired uncharged it shots out a fast but small and weak projectile that when it hits something it scatters into small fragments. But if charged up it becomes big and does a lot of damage, but is slow and doesn't go as far as uncharged, and the fragments when broken are bigger. The Mineral Cracker is the weakness for HON-2: Chemical Man.

HON-2: Chemical Man

A general chemist Robot Master tasked to create new chemical compounds for new medicine and energy resources. He's a bit shorter than the average Robot Master, and his "crazy mad scientist hair" is actually glass that shattered from a lab accident that once was a tube filled with chemicals like Trinitro Man. His stage comprises of chemistry based elements, like robots that radiate radiation, one's that throw out chemicals that when it collides with another enemies chemical it explodes, and large lakes of acid that insta-kill Mega Man, but a base solution is dripping from above that tirades with the acid to create salt platforms. His weapon is the Chemical Blast: a beaker filled of highly explosive chemicals that gets fired in an arc and explodes on contact causing absolutely huge damage. After the initial explosion, it leaves residual chemicals on the ground that cause damage to enemies over time and then fade away. It can also destroy the specialty blocks like the Crash Bomber destroys those pink blocks. The Chemical Blast is the weakness to HON-8: Portal Man.

HON-8: Portal Man

A space exploration Robot Master, and research robot for worm holes and other space anomalies. Multi colored portals segment his body, having portals by his elbows, shoulders, and waist. The stage is full of portals that enemies can freely travel through and shot projectiles through, and there's also sections where there's low gravity. His weapon is the Portal Shot: a weapon that fires a hole on the ground or on a wall that then pulls enemies into them - basically the Blackhole Bomb. The Portal Shot coming full circle is the weakness to HON-1: Disc Man.

I wanted to be like Mega Man Unlimited and have an unlockable Robot Master, and an extra Robot Master not in the main game.

HON-???: Scrap Man

A Robot Master that materialized after collecting 4-5 past Robot Master parts in the previous Robot Master Stages. Not much is know about this Robot Master, other than the fact that he's a conglomerate of Robot Master parts from Robot Masters in previous games. Have thought much about his stage, and once defeated he doesn't really drop a weapon but instead a series of weapons. Upon defeat, the player now has access to a weapon set of previous Robot Master weapons: The Ice Slasher, Air Shooter, Needle Cannon, Ring Boomerang, Crystal Eye, Centaur Flash, Jewel Satellite, and Wheel Cutter.

HON-9: Drama/ Phantom Man

An actor Robot Master used for plays, movies, and other actor worthy appearances. His main appearance can be heavily related to Shade Man with a cape and other features, and half of his face is a mask hence the "Phantom" part in Phantom Man. His stage is... a literal stage where there's spot lights beaming around the stage, if Mega Man is caught in them then enemies or some hazard appears that gives Mega Man more trouble. Haven't thought about his weapon either so... that concludes my Robot Masters.

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Re: Your mm or mmx boss ideas.

Post by Aze » Sun Oct 15, 2017 10:51 am

To give these guys more life here are some personalities that they have:

Laser man is a genius, he is cynical, he likes technology and he hates idiots.

Steel Man is like one of those gym guys, he is proud of his strength, he is not stupid but he is overconfident, he likes testing his strength and he hates weak robots.

Acid man is a loner robot, he hates everyone, he likes being alone and he dislikes crowded areas.

Glue man is compassionate, you have to be really bad for him to hate you. He likes giving hugs and he dislikes pessimism.

Circuit Man is a strict guy, everything must be done as it is written by the book, he is lawful, he likes solving electrical circuits and he dislikes rebels.

Bolt Man is a speedster and a rebel, he is both a rival and a friend to Quick Man, he likes to move quickly behind someone, tap them on the shoulders and getting quickly back in front of them to see them looking behind their backs and he dislikes speed limits.

Sound Man is an upbeat guy, he moves in rhythm and likes to rhyme, he likes all kinds of music and he dislikes libraries.

Mirror Man is a troll, psychologically messing with people is his thing, he likes mimes and mimicking everything and he dislikes Shade Man.

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Re: Your mm or mmx boss ideas.

Post by Nigel Chinclucker » Wed Jan 24, 2018 3:53 am

Alright, some of these robot masters I made levels for, and I'd like to have a level for all of them at some point.

Name: Skate Woman
Originally built to function as a helping hand at an ice skating rink, then stolen by Wily. Has a crush on Chill Man.
Type: Ice/Wind
Weapon: Flurry Ice (blows enemies back)
Weakness: Fire Trail

Name: Douse Man
Firefighting robot reprogrammed by Wily. A glitch in his system causes him to believe everything is on fire.
Type: Water
Weapon: Hydro Cannon
Weakness: Shock Wave

Name: Golem Man
Robot designed as a tourist guide before Wily reprogrammed him.
Type: Earth
Weapon: Cover Rock (shield)
Weakness: Jet Missile

Name: Launch Man
Made from parts of an old Russian army jet.
Type: Bomb
Weapon: Jet Missile
Weakness: Sound Blast

Name: Harpy Woman
Built as a tour guide for a museum in Greece, then stolen and modified by Wily.
Type: Cutter
Weapon: Rocket Talon
Weakness: Cover Rock

Name: Shock Man
IDK some electric robot
Type: Elec
Weapon: Shock Wave
Weakness: Rocket Talon

Name: Loud Man
Concert robot made to act as an amp. Modified by Wily.
Type: Sound
Weapon: Sound Blast
Weakness: Flurry Ice

Name: Inferno Man
Built for combat against Mega Man. Uses flamethrowers.
Type: Fire
Weapon: Fire Trail
Weakness: Hydro Cannon
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Re: Your mm or mmx boss ideas.

Post by Lunnightmare » Thu Mar 26, 2020 2:05 am

First of all MegaMan would have the Mirror Buster a shield that reflects projectiles

Also all this robots were made by Dr. Power. He picked his best robots and modified them to prove Dr. Light that he's the best Dr. in the world

Sonic Man
A Man with the most speedy speed of the speed racing robots
Weapon: Spin Ball (High speed bouncing ball with spikes)
Weakness: Thunder Hand
Location: A Runway
He charges forward at a high speed to the other side of the battlefield and shoots a Spin Ball repeating this until he is defeated

Thunder Boy
A hyperactive boy that can make 50,000 volt lightnings!
Type: (Says in Luigi's voice) THUNDER!!!
Weapon: Thunder Hand (Chargeable electric ball that can be shooted with a wave pattern)
Weakness: Homing Boomerang
Location: A Power Plant
He jumps side to side charging his Thunder Hand. After the third jump he lands and shoots the Thunder Hand at you. Alternatively he jumps to the middle of the battlefield and shoots a thunder downwards which splits into 2 electric balls

Boomerang Man
A boomerang master that trains every day to be the very best
Type: Boomerang
Weapon: Homing Boomerang (Homing boomerang that homes back to you)
Weakness: Gum Gun
Location: A Robot Village
He throws his Homing Boomerang at you and then jumps in place to shoot 2 Homing Boomerangs at you and then he jumps to the other side of the battlefield

Candy Girl
A sweet girl that loves lollipops
Type: Candies and Chocolates
Weapon: Gum Gun (Shoots a chewing gum up that arcs down and then inflates and rises up)
Weakness: Firebrand
Location: A Candy Fabric
She shoots 3 gummy bears at you and then she shoots her Gum Gun at you and then she jumps to the other side of the battlefield while shooting down 5 chocolate bars while being protected by a shield of 5 big jawbreakers that she then shoots at you as soon as she lands

Burning Boy
A crazy dude that wants to see the whole world burn
Type: (Says in Mario's voice) FIRE!!!
Weapon: Firebrand (Chargeable fire ball that goes straight)
Weakness: Hydro Splash
Location: A FOREST IN FLAMES!!!!!
He shoots bouncing fire balls at you to then try to jump on you then charging his Firebrand while jumping from side to side. After the third jump he lands and shoots his Firebrand at you

Hydro Woman
A focused woman that masters water control
Type: Water
Weapon: Hydro Splash (Shoots 3 drops of water at 3 different angles)
Location: A FLOODED CITY!!!!!
She shoots her Hydro Splash 3 times and then transforms into a wave and gets to the other side of the battlefield
creating a water clone of herself on the other side

Windmill Man
A relaxed man that enjoys good weekends
Type: Wind
Weapon: Windmill Spin (Spin that hits 3 times and makes you invincible while doing it)
Weakness: Big Boom
Location: A Windmill
He spins bouncing with the walls 3 times. Alternatively he jumps and spins bouncing with the walls until he lands

Pyro Girl
A crazy girl that wants to see the whole world go BOOM!!!
Type: BOOM
Weapon: Big Boom (Drops a bomb that makes a big explosion after 5 seconds)
Weakness: Spin Ball, Mega Buster
Location: A MILITARY BASE!!!!!
Runs through the battlefield dropping bombs any 5 seconds and jumps any time you try to shoot him

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Re: Your mm or mmx boss ideas.

Post by Tyler-bot » Thu Mar 26, 2020 2:25 am

- Nice ideas! The way the attacks are explained, these sound like some powerful Robot-Masters!

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Re: Your mm or mmx boss ideas.

Post by CommanderShramp » Thu Mar 26, 2020 3:40 pm

Sense no one did mavericks I'm going for it.
(Also this is from my fan project Mega Man X: Rehashed)

Mercury Salamander
-Made as a toxicology repliod, his original job was to manage Mercury amounts in liquids. After Siding with the mysterious robot Theta, he began to poison the water systems causing issues in Vince.
-Weapon: Mercury bomb
-Weakness: Subzero Scatter

Arctic Wasp: (DCN 1000)
- Created by a long forgotten doctor to manage the oil refineries in the Arctic. After meeting with Theta he began to go south and set the amazon in what seems like an eternal winter.
-Weapon:Subzero Scatter
-Weakness: Hellfire Tomahawk

Hellfire Bobcat (DLN: 1000)
-Like Arctic Wasp, she was made by an long forgotten doctor. She was put in charge of volcano studies in the Pacific. Being the first one to answer to Theta's grand new order, she began to set of volcano's in the southern pacific.
-Weapon Hellfire Tomahawk
-Weakness: Typhoon arrow

Typhoon Basilisk
-Created to be an aquatic rescue reploid, after hearing Theta's call. He began to manipulate currents, sinking thousands of small islands.
-Weapon:Typhoon Arrow
-Weakness: Electro Barrier

Electro Serpent
-Being a electromagnetic repliod, his job has to manage wire conductivity. After siding with Theta, he began to overpower many relpiods and began a fight club were he led it.
-Weapon: Electro Barrier
-Weakness: Data Cleanser

Data Spider
-A unique repliod built by Theta himself. Her main objective is to break into high security bases and steal their information and sell it to the highest bidder
-Weapon:Data Cleanser
-Weakness: Polar Field

Polar Sparrow
-A truly magnetic repliod. He was sent into mines to find iron and silver deposits for the miners to get into. Being called upon by Theta, he now screws with gravity at where the poles are at their strongest.
-Weapon: Polar field
-Weakness: Blooming Blade

Bloom Fawn
-This repliod was made for environmental control, helping the forest regrow. When she met Theta, her new job was to overrun massive cities and let mother nature retake it.
-Weapon: Blooming Blade
-Weakness: Mercury Bomb
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