What happened between Megaman and Megaman X? (Theory)

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What happened between Megaman and Megaman X? (Theory)

Post by DeleteThis12345 » Wed Sep 11, 2019 2:57 am

This is my theory, Wily believed that he found the solution to the Zero problem, so he released Zero, Zero ended with Dr. Wily's life, Bass realized about this and he tried to avenge his creator, but he was killed by Zero very easily, then Zero came out of Wily's lab and destroyed everything in sight, Protoman realized about this and tried to destroy Zero, but Zero killed Protoman easily, Megaman realized about this, Dr. Light told Megaman to not go, it will be very dangerous, but Megaman decided to go anyway, and Zero killed Megaman and then killed with no mercy all robots of Dr. Light's lab (except Dr. Light) and then continued destroying everything in sight, Light started working on X to try to defeat Zero someday but he sealed X in a pod like Wily did with Zero and then Megaman X starts.

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Re: What happened between Megaman and Megaman X? (Theory)

Post by DSN001 » Sat Sep 14, 2019 6:44 pm

I don't think 0 , I mean zero (but his serial number is not zero, it is one over zero+) anyway.
I don't think zero can kill mega man or even proto man, maybe he (could have) handle(d) bass. I don't know why mega man loses special weapons from previous games (I know it is for gameplay, but I don't remember any info about why he loses them) but mega man can beat zero I think.
Maybe mega man is not dead, just unconscious somewhere, maybe he is defeated by zero but not killed.
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