So Friday Night Funkin VS Dr. Wily it's Possible?

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So Friday Night Funkin VS Dr. Wily it's Possible?

Post by anthonytheredbear » Sat Jun 05, 2021 3:59 am

So I was thinking a FNF Mod named Friday Night Funkin VS. Dr Wily, where we battle with Dr. Wily and his machine and capsule, then Bass and then Zero, it will be like a FNF Hardest Mod like Tricky, Mid Fight Masses, Whitty and Zardy.(Just the Bass Song and Zero Song lol), so yeah, there's the story

Dr. Wily Fortress travels to Newgrounds World, and he plans to destroy it with his evil creations but BF and GF comes to his Fortress and starts the 3 songs of VS. Dr. Wily, his machine in the(2nd phase) and his capsule(3rd Phase), after that Bass comes to Wily and he wants to destroy BF and GF for doing that, after that Dr. Wily release Zero and he will kill BF and GF, but BF Stops it with The power of music... at the end Pico saves BF and GF from Zero that he will kill BF and GF.

-Evil Plan (Dr Wily Castle Remix)
-Machine (Dr Wily Machine from Mega Man 7 Remix)
-Capsule (Dr Wily Capsule from Mega Man 8 and Mega Man 7 Remix)
-Rivalry (Bass Theme and Dr Wily Fortress from Megaman 7 Remix)
-Infinite (Omega Zero from Megaman ZX, Mega Man X2 Zero theme, X vs Zero)


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