(most) Metroidvanias suck (Extreme rant warning)

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Re: (most) Metroidvanias suck (Extreme rant warning)

Post by Blue_Bummer » Sun Nov 17, 2019 4:46 am

LeonardMan wrote:That's why most of us ever heard of Super Metroid first, because it was the realization of all the wonderful things that Metroid 1 was aiming for and failed.
I was there when original Metroid released, didn't get to play it though until about (EDIT: correction) three years later when my older brother purchased it. Never really played any other Metroids until recently taking a look into Super Metroid on my Switch.

It was really something because I'd never seen a game feature exploration like this in a platforming game. Sure exploration had been done in RPGs, but not in a platforming game like this. That made Metroid original and special.
Brazencoronet17 wrote:
Fri Nov 15, 2019 9:04 pm
If something is impressive for the time, it doesn't make it any better nowadays. It feels like a rose-tinted excuse to say a game was too ahead of its time to be appreciated
I never said it was ahead of it's time, I just said I found it fun and that it did something that I had never experienced before when it was released.

In your own words you state it's innovative. This thread is even named after it. Many of us here acknowledge that it started an entire genre of gaming that was named after it, that sounds as if it was innovative. 😐
...It's technically astounding but it doesn't make it good. This applies to more than graphics, it can also be a new gameplay style that pushes the hardware or a unique control system. It could even be just how big the game is. But big games aren't automatically good games.
You're right....

But what is a good game? Who defines what is good and bad? Each individual, because it's a matter of taste. For you, Metroid is terrible, and that's Ok.
Game designers were not as skilled back then
How is that gauged exactly? I wouldn't bash game designers of the past because their games weren't as advanced as today's. I think if provided the tools and resources of today they could stand their ground with the best.
Whatever flaws an old game may have are the faults of a developer. If a system has hardware limitations, work around it.
I would say that game bugs are the result of a developer, but not hardware limits. Hardware limits are like gravity, we can try to jump high but we can only get so far. One example for hardware is what's in my PC limits what games I can play, if I don't meet the hardware requirements the games simply won't work and I cannot work around it. I can replace the hardware on my PC, but that's not something a software developer can do on a console.
And a game being "bad because it's old"? ... If you suggest that I think every game made before 2000 is garbage, then you are beyond incorrect.
That was my impression...
Most reviewers back in the day ...
the CD-i Zelda games were so loved back in the day...
Metal Gear (NES) was loved back in the day...
Game designers were not as skilled back then
All these statements were connected to a negative view of the games, developers, reviewers in the past.... Gives the impression that you view the old as inferior. Forgive me for misinterpreting that.

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