Mega Man 4 castle bosses

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Mega Man 4 castle bosses

Post by LeonardMan » Sat Mar 27, 2021 2:12 pm

Before we begin, I'd like to clarify that castle bosses should be treated the same as Robot Master bosses, in that you can kill them without finishing the level if you want, have them give keys or weapons, change the music and all that other stuff.

Also, these particular bosses do NOT necessarily have to come out in update 1.8 (especially not all three of them at once), these are just three possible choices from about a dozen castle bosses you can choose from.


What?: The moth boss from Cossack Stage 1, Mega Man 4.

Why?: Because this boss would be almost completely unaffected by any custom layouts or scenarios, and thus could be put in virtually any situation.

How?: Since it can fly, it is unaffected by terrain, and even though it would need a big empty space to be placed in the editor, it might have no tile collision once in-game. Its energy shot is aimed straight at the player, meaning no blindspots, and its tail can destroy tiles, potentially creating a pit that the player can fall into.


What?: The giant Met boss from Wily Stage 1, Mega Man 4

Why?: Because as long as it has an open space to jump, it could be put in virtually any situation or scenario and still work.

How?: Its huge jumps prevent it from getting stuck on uneven terrain, the only problem are the smaller mets that fall from offscreen. One solution is for these smaller mets to be destroyed as soon as the Met Daddy lands from a jump, to be replaced by the next batch.


What?: The giant octopus head boss from Wily Stage 2, Mega Man 4

Why?: Because it's very easy to code and yet can still be put in a lot of different situations, just like any of the minibosses already in the game.

How?: Even though it occupies half of the screen, Tako Trash technically already has a custom boss room (the lifts would have to be made as a separate level object). The fact the boss is completely stationary also makes it very easy to program. MAYBE add a slight telegraph to both of its attacks, though...
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