[Server/Database Manager] Makubix

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[Server/Database Manager] Makubix

Post by Makubix » Sat Jul 22, 2017 6:16 pm

Hello everyone,

I would like to apply as a Database Server Manager to share my love for this project.
I have 4 years experience as a full-stack software engineer more specifically as DevOps - I can privately send my resume for more details.
I work with docker everyday providing continuous deployment for my infrastructure team.

I am more than willing and would be happy to reside role as a team lead for the Database Team.
I can provide guidance for any additional teammates that would like to assist with the Database.

Experienced with -
Java (Primary & most comfy with)
Spring Boot, Spring Data, Spring Cloud Dataflow, and lots of Spring related things
Ansible (just started using)
Packer (just started using)
Postgresql Database
Accumulo (NoSql Database)
Bash//Shell scripting (Most comfy with)
Providing service scripts on linux environments
C++ w/ QT (Havn't touched it for 5 years...would need to review)
CSS, Less
Javascript, AngularJS 1.0 (Secondary & comfy with)
Node, NPM, Grunt


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