- Electric Plant - [ID: 318281]

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- Electric Plant - [ID: 318281]

Post by RadRobot » Tue Apr 16, 2019 5:58 am

[Mega Man has hunted down Dr. Wily's power plant, which has created a infinite storm to indefinitely charge power for his evil plans. Now Mega Man has to scale three floors to conquer the tower and defeat the guardian at the top.]

Difficulty: Moderate
Length:23 Rooms (2 Checkpoints)
Weapons:Mega Buster (no charge)

Natural Disaster: Beat the level without getting hit.
Windy Weather: Beat Tornado Man with the Mega Buster.
Thunder Boy: Never miss a shot.




This level was made for me to practice my tile mixing skills. Most of the level isn't focused on platforming or enemy placement, but still feel free to give feedback or advice.
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Re: - Electric Plant - [ID: 318281]

Post by th3_sylvester » Wed Apr 17, 2019 6:08 pm

This stage is gorgeous. The very simple style of it fits really well, I enjoyed that a bunch. I understand that you weren't really going for enemy placement here and I see that you tried to add new challenges behind all the Sniper Joes you added. But that itself was the main problem, too many Sniper Joes! Sniper Joes are those enemies that are fun to fight every once in a while but should not be used in place of so many other enemies you could have used to do the same thing. Sniper Joes imo just take way too long to kill to be used as a common enemy.

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Re: - Electric Plant - [ID: 318281]

Post by Kun fu Cuts Man » Wed Apr 17, 2019 10:16 pm

A nice, simple and a fun level! :)

Aestetics (which like you said, was the main focus) were nice >: ]. On the other hand, Sniper Joes are not a great choice to be constantly fighting againts, and there was a shield attacker who was unfairly placed (like two screens before the second rain segment), as there was a Joe which can only be damaged when you´ re in range of the attacker, and guess what the joe did? His three bullets block you off from jumping from danger! This means that you get a diffilculty spike for those who try to do the damageless achievement.

And something else: A traditional stage rotates between challenges; enemy challenge to plataform, then gimmick, then a conbination of two types, etc; and the stage would´ ve been better if you tried to do a traditional style stage. A good level + asteatics = A great stage. Maybe spread the T. Claw challenges a bit?

7/10, some more gameplay would upgrade the stage
Does this count?

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