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My wishlist

Post by BradenCarrYT » Thu Mar 26, 2020 2:22 pm

Nitro Man's Truck Spawner, and signals. The trucks would explode when they hit a wall. Could be like fire wall where it extends over a section if the screens are connected. There should be only one on screen every time the signal changes.
Super Cutter dispenser, they would be large, but can be placed and super cutters come out aimed at the player.
Guts Lift, Should be easy, with the crash lift interface, you can change if there is a platform is there but they can't go vertical
if there is a hole, or the color.
MM2 Acid drops, as this should be really easy. Just a patch of acid on the ceiling that drips when you get close.
MM5-MM9 Bubble spawner, This would fit in many scenarios, even in underwater ones, you can set them to be big or small
The descriptions in game
Nitro Man Truck Spawner: Ah what a cal-HONK HONK
Nitro Man Truck Signal: Yet more flashy highway lights.
Super Cutter dispenser: We're not sure why it's so big either.
Guts Lift: Mega Man please stay calm... The source of rage.
Acid Drops: Why are ACID DROPS so strong? Acid man would be proud!
Bubble Spawner: Is this just an upward footholder?

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