RockTeam -- 12 Level Game

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RockTeam -- 12 Level Game

Post by donbianco » Fri Apr 09, 2021 7:57 pm


I just found out about Mega Man Maker a few months ago and think it's absolutely incredible. Thank you so much for making such an awesome game builder, and what looks like a great community of players.

I grew up in the 80s playing the core NES titles (mostly 2-3), and when playing around with MMM I wanted to build a few levels that worked in that style. Nothing too long, relatively straightforward with some challenging spots but easy enough with timing/practice. I kept tinkering and then realized I should try to build a complete game; or as complete as can be considering it's laid out in a linear, level-by-level path with the weapons predetermined.

The first levels are fixed as either Mega Man, Proto Man, Roll and Bass. Most are typical layouts like you'd find in those early games, although levels 6, 7 and 8 go into some different directions. Level 6 has a few key-hunting segments plus a "Balloon Trip" homage to get to the final boss flying with Beat. Level 7 is a big level and one of my favourites: more puzzle than action until you've unlocked all doors. Level 8 more traditional but with a big split path. Levels 9-1 to 9-4 are in the spirit of a Wily fortress and each level will have its quirks.

Hope someone enjoys the levels! I'll welcome any feedback, although I don't know how many changes I'll realistically be able to implement. Thanks to everyone posting levels, and again to the creators who have made for such a fun experience!

Level 1 - 506423
Level 2 - 506436
Level 3 - 506484
Level 4 - 506489
Level 5 - 506503
Level 6 - 506509
Level 7 - 506517
Level 8 - 506521
Level 9-1 - 506524
Level 9-2 - 506551
Level 9-3 - 506557
Level 9-4 - 506630

Some screenshots (if the Imgur link works... if not, I'll try to fix it later):

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