How to Remix Sword Man?

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Nigel Chinclucker
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How to Remix Sword Man?

Post by Nigel Chinclucker » Thu Feb 07, 2019 1:32 am

I wanna do a Sword Man remix for the level challenge, but I don't know what I should do for the floating connectors in that one room. The ones where you have to use Tornado Hold to push some of them up to the other one and open the door? How do I do that? Or do I just use a different gimmick as a replacement? And what about the spikes that slowly close in on you?
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Re: How to Remix Sword Man?

Post by Aze » Thu Feb 07, 2019 1:04 pm

You can choose to not use a certain asset from the original stage if you don't want to

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Re: How to Remix Sword Man?

Post by Zephadus » Sun Feb 10, 2019 6:52 am

I haven't uploaded much, but I have a lot of junk in the works; some of it adaptations of levels from various games.
My process for pretty much anything is as follows:

Step 1. Try to replicate enemy/gimmick with what I have available.
Step 2. Evaluate: Does this work okay? Does it fit well with the level? Does it create any problems?
Step 3. If it's successful, I move on, but if not (and this seems your case) I move on to the following...

How does the player interact with it in its original form?
How much of a challenge does it pose to the player?
Once you have answers for those questions, you can move on to...

Since you can't make an exact match or close-approximation, the next course of action is to make a new gimmick that is inspired by the original, which poses a similar challenge to the player.

I'm not at home right now, so I can't test things at the moment, but in your specific case, it seems that Sword Man's level is about using the 4 weapons from the first half of the game to solve puzzles.
If you're sticking with that, then I suppose you'll have to concoct a puzzle that uses whatever weapon you've chosen as an analogue for Tornado Hold.

Off the top of my head, I don't think we can move things around that way, so you might have to go with a more stationary puzzle.
I suppose you'd have to make it so that the puzzle can only be solved using the appropriate weapon, and that it can't simply be substituted.
Without knowing more about what you have going on, I can't really offer more specific advice, but your best bet for this particular level would be to focus more on traversal rather than fitting two objects together.
My interpretation of Sword Man's stage has always been that it's a gauntlet to be run, with stage hazards to circumnavigate.

So for example, if you're using W. Storm, you could make a platforming puzzle where you'd have to bounce off the tornadoes, perhaps in mid-air, in order to reach a key to unlock a door to move forward.
That's the best I've got for you.
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