Introductions Thread!

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Re: Introductions Thread!

Post by Yoshi2018 » Tue Jan 01, 2019 11:48 pm

phunguy06 wrote:
Tue Jan 01, 2019 9:15 am
Hello, I am Phunguy, and I am a person.
I knew Galaxy Man hacked your account!
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Re: Introductions Thread!

Post by LightDaemon » Sun Jan 06, 2019 2:58 pm

Hello my name is LightDaemon, you can also call me GuruAnalytic.

I like eating cats at night and when the sun rises I usually go to the public swiming pool nacked screaming : "give me my money back Saddam!".
Tired of Internet

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Re: Introductions Thread!

Post by Kun fu Cuts Man » Mon Jan 07, 2019 1:20 am

Hello I´ m KFCMan, also known as Leonardo Antonio in youtube (with a RM that looks like he´ s a pedeophile); I´ m from Mexico and apparently the only user whose´ s mother language is spanish. You can see me roam around the bottom section of the forums and in Discord.

I like almost all music, and I feel that most english music is too repetitive.
I hate reggeaton.
Does this count?

About my fangame, I made a new server and all the things related to it have been relocated there, join here
Finished it.

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Re: Introductions Thread!

Post by QuartexGames » Sat Feb 09, 2019 11:25 pm

Hi I'm Quartex but my actual name is Qvarian, I live on a distant planet where are very aggresive creatures, I'm the main leader of I.S.O.D or I.S.D (Inner State of Defence).
I like music and cheese pizza. I hate crimes and any illegal stuff.
Nice to meet you.
Don't do something illegal.
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Re: Introductions Thread!

Post by Blast Man » Thu Feb 21, 2019 8:47 pm

Play Dash wrote:
Wed Jun 27, 2018 5:56 am
I'm Play Dash.
Since Geometry Dash i became a huge gamer. I love playing MMM. It also made me more of a Mega Man fan. In the past i knew nothing about it.
Basically this but now with Undertale and Minecraft, Fortnite, King of the Hat and i forgot to tell my childhood game was Angry Birds.
A gamer/pixel artist (also known as Play Dash, old idiotic account here) who also likes Mega Man games! I also like the artstyle and aesthetics of the old Mega Man games/Mega Man Maker demakes.

Currently working on Rivals of Aether stuff and MM demakes!

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Re: Introductions Thread!

Post by Brazencoronet17 » Tue Mar 05, 2019 10:48 pm

I might as well update my profile here since my old one isn't up to date.


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Re: Greetings from the Nexus!

Post by Amyrakunejo » Wed Mar 27, 2019 5:25 am

"So, whose this weird chick that popped up in the forums?"

I'll tell ya.

I'm the Philosophical, Pagan, Anarchist Lady Fair Gamer Lesbian Chick that everybody hates! I'm the Angsty Video Game and Bass Bitch! Yup! I say it like I mean it! I'm honest, fair, and I take dishonesty as an open invitation to a duel!

Anyway, I am a gamer and a gamedev, and I've used Mega Man Maker for some time, and I even figured that my game login credentials were auto-linked to the forums. Silly me, nope! lol

I've always been fond of the modding scene, or the break it down and rebuild it scene as some call it, and though I'm not an expert at modding, I've done my fair share of modding, mainly for my own amusement (or detriment at times).

My primary gamedev experience is with the RPGMaker software series, and within that, VX Ace is where I have most of my expertise, with XP and 2000 being the others of the top three. I own all six of the software series including MV, though my current hardware barely runs that one (it in fact requires a dated dll file in place to run at all lol).

I love gaming, classic and newer alike, though lately I've really been on a retro gaming binge, playing titles from before 2002, with exceptions here and there. I'm quite a huge fan of Mega Man Unlimited, as hard as that game is, and I also recently played Mega Man X in Sonic 2 (that's one Hell of a rom hack that I do recommend for anyone to try).

My favorite retro game?
Hmmm...I don't have one or even one genre. I'll go with a random fave. Tetris. One of the first video games I ever played. Tetris and Lumines are two of my top fifty faves, period.
Amyrakunejo, Heiress of Purity
Philosophical, Pagan, Anarchist Lady Fair Gamer Lesbian Chick
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Re: Introductions Thread!

Post by I153_Chaika » Sat Mar 30, 2019 12:28 pm

Hello everyone!
I'm I153 Chaika (no, it doesn't come from the anime girl with huge eyebrows, but from a plane) and I'm joining this forum because I recently heard that the Mega Man games I played on my Game Boy Color and later Advance are now openly moddable on PC. How could I miss that? :lol:
Apart from that, I'm 29, come from northern France and work in international insurance.

Have a nice day!

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Re: Introductions Thread!

Post by 02gn » Sun Mar 31, 2019 12:27 am

Hello there! I am 02gn (called same in MMM) and I love Mega Man franchise since I was about... 9 years old. I have this game since December 2017. I'm from Poland. Games is my most favourite hobby as well I like watching anime.

Here's list of some of my likings:

Favourite color: green
Favourite food: baked sandwiches
Favourite anime: JoJo's Bizzare Adventure
Favourite FPS game: Wolfenstein
Favourite MM game: Mega Man 4
Favourite MM fangame: MM8BDM (I'm a good idea-giver in some mods like classes)
Favourite Robot Master: tie between Magic Man and Komuso Man
Favourite Pokémon: Lilligant
Favourite SMB character: Luigi
Favourite Kirby character: Sir Kibble
Favourite anime Mech: Eva. 01

P.S. Overall I'm glad to belong here

(Avatar drew by Xartin)

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Re: Introductions Thread!

Post by Brazencoronet17 » Sun Apr 21, 2019 8:21 pm

02gn wrote:
Sun Mar 31, 2019 12:27 am

Favourite anime: JoJo's Bizzare Adventure

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Re: Introductions Thread!

Post by OneiricBlizar » Mon Apr 22, 2019 5:37 pm

Hello, everyone! I'm OneiricBlizar, and I have no idea what to say here.

Since this is a Mega Man forum, might as well begin with my favorite game in the series, which is Mega Man X6, unironically.

I tend to do some random stuff from time to time to procastinate, and Mega Man Maker has been my last stop. It's really fun! I'll try to come up with some creative stuff on it from time to time. Or maybe not.

Anyways, nice to meet you!

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Re: Introductions Thread!

Post by Mega1221 » Sat Apr 27, 2019 3:45 am

Heya! Mega1221 here and I play games
Apparently some people can’t tell the difference between a fox and wolf

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Re: Introductions Thread!

Post by KBorg64 » Sat May 04, 2019 2:24 am

Hello there! I'm just interested in Mega Man Maker, and hope to make some content for it! Whether I'll be active here or not, well that depends. I am on plenty of other sites and forums, so find me in those places if you can.

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Re: Introductions Thread!

Post by SuperDynoPIX » Tue Nov 12, 2019 6:10 pm

Ehm .. hello guys, I'm new here.
I'm nerdly interested and I play videogames .. soo why do not play with ALL of them :roll: ?

:? yes .. I have logged in, but I have troubles to submit in the game .. soo HELP?!?

Stupid password!

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Re: Introductions Thread!

Post by Fluff Man » Thu Jan 16, 2020 7:16 pm

Oh my, i didn’t know this thread existed. well I’m Fluff Man, also know as Captain Nomekop on YouTube and fluffy8orange on pretty much any other game. I don’t play many games because I don’t have any consoles, so other then Minecraft, Sonic Mania, Megamanmaker, and league of legends I don’t actually have much experience in video gaming, yet I strive to become a video game developer. I also like jojo.

MEGAMAN -1 Megamaker Fangame in Progress!
Also, working 50/50 uncheatable randomizer that anyone can copy into their levels! level ID 353798
Best Megaman theme:

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iceman x fireman
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Re: Introductions Thread!

Post by iceman x fireman » Wed Apr 01, 2020 7:01 am

Well, a intro tread.

My name is iceman x fireman, i am a decent gamer, really bad speller, (depend on the autocorrect type)and have the weirdest dreams.

Also like Hentai.
Just a mod in a great fanbase

my new discord:

The Knowledge:

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Re: Introductions Thread!

Post by DestroyerOfDestruction » Wed May 27, 2020 1:33 am

I am late to this discussion, but whatever.

I am BigMaster, formerly known as BigDestroyer. I have always been interested on visual arts, music and criticism.

I got to know Mega Man Maker during the 1.3.6 build and I got fascinated by the game implementing Mega Man 7. I have been involved in this game. As a moderator, I started focusing on the Wiki, but due to still showing concern for the other platforms and the limited personnel, I also started to moderate the forums and the Discord server. It was RollerC's resignation part of what pushed me to increase my scope.

I previously applied as a spriter in a call on 1.5.0's development, but I didn't make it due to my lack of expertise. However, that failure inspired me to learn ´pixel art. I still have my flaws, but I can improve.

To compose music, I primarily work with MuseScore and FamiTracker. I am also assisting in some video game projects, but info about that is classified at the moment.

I have a strong memory, which has been helpful even here, but can sometimes be a curse.
I am currently moderating the three main community platforms.

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Re: Introductions Thread!

Post by RushJet-Adapter » Wed May 27, 2020 11:38 am

'ello I'm RushJet-Adapter, or better known as Jet-Adapter.

I've joined Mega Maker somewhere around the 1.3 era in a different account, so even though this account was relatively new, I do have some experience around Mega Maker.I guess that's about it for now.
'Ello I'm RushJet-Adapter, also known as Jet-Adapter in MegaMaker.

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Re: Introductions Thread!

Post by Uranus » Wed May 27, 2020 2:04 pm

I'm Uranus, just Uranus. Just a gamer

As for additional info, I'm basic as basic can get. I've applied for moderation so let's see how that goes.

Nothing else, I'm not that much of a mm fan but I am familiar with the series and played the 10 mainline games. I'm currently into Ace Attorney. Other series I like are the usual Mario, Metroid, Mario Kart and Party plus a few more.

Nothing special.
I'm now a forum mod, Talk to me or the other moderators if you have any issues.



pm me to do so

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Re: Introductions Thread!

Post by Hikaru The Wizard 1107 » Wed Jun 10, 2020 6:57 am

Hello! I am Hikaru the Wizard 1107. My "main" name is Hikaru because of its great meaning and because it is Japanese. The Magician is because I love things related to witchcraft. My number key (as I like to call it) is 11 for MegaMan 11, which came out the same year that I turned 11 and 07 because 2007 was the year I was born.
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