My Xperience with Mega Man X

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My Xperience with Mega Man X

Post by DAS » Wed Apr 17, 2019 3:57 pm

I've played Mega Man since the beginning when I played the original back in 1988, and have tried to keep up ever since, but there has been one series that has somehow gained a bigger following than the classic series, that of course being Mega Man X. Here is my experience with the series.

We start in February of 1994, when I noticed a new Mega Man game on store shelves called Mega Man X. It was almost completely different from what I was used to. It was clear that this Mega Man was completely different from the one I was used to. The game was pretty fun, but it didn't really have the right feel for me. While I was awaiting the inevitable Mega Man 7 release, this could fill that need for now, and I eventually picked up X2. Mega Man X2 is one of my favourites, with it having much richer detail compared to the first one, and I just can't stop listening to the music of this game. The original didn't have themes quite like Bubble Crab or Crystal Snail.

Then, after Mega Man 7 came out, we ended up getting another Mega Man X game on the SNES, of course known as X3. I'm skipping over the Xtreme series on Game Boy Colour because I've actually never played them. Anways, X3 had even more content to explore, music tracks to listen to, and a complete trilogy, but it felt underwhelming after Mega Man 7, since that game had so much extra detail.

And the rest is pretty much history from there. I enjoyed X4, only got to experience X5 and X6 on the X Collection on Gamecube since I didn't own an original Playstation, X7 is pretty much shit, and X8 is alright.
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