Weapon Analysis - Thunder Wool

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Weapon Analysis - Thunder Wool

Post by D-Man » Thu Aug 15, 2019 8:45 pm

Thunder Wool - From MM10
Capacity: 7 Power: 1(cloud), 4(bolt, per hit) Type: Shooting / Electric

Obtained from Sheep Man, the Thunder Wool allows the player to create up to two clouds that rise up in a slow arc before summoning lightning from beneath them. The arc spans about 2 tiles forward, and 6 tiles upward. It will stop moving forward/upward if it touches a wall/ceiling, which can be used to set it up more reliably. After a short delay, a thunder bolt crashes down from beneath it, dealing up to two hits of 4 damage each through its 2-second duration. The lightning pierces shields, and can destroy projectiles as well. The cloud itself deals no damage during this, but it cannot be destroyed either. The bolt reaches down 12 tiles from its point of activation, and if it breaks a destructible object (such as Chill Blocks), it will not reach further down. Bosses can take more than two hits from the thunder bolt, due to the way their invincibility frames work.
This weapon's critical flaws come from the fact that if the cloud portion of the attack touches an enemy before reaching the end of its fuse, only 1 unit of damage will be dealt. The cloud takes 1 second to generate thunder, and can be destroyed until then. While the thunder bolt has great vertical range, its horizontal range is nonexistant, which can lead to close misses if aimed at the wrong place/time. These flaws, combined with its high ammo consumption makes the Thunder Wool an unwieldy weapon in most circumstances.

In MMM, Thunder Wool returns along with it's Robot Master, bringing several changes:
New Capacity: 14 New Power: ?

The cloud now passes through enemies, is faster, and, upon striking solid ground, sends lightning out 2 tiles on both sides, giving it better horizontal range.

To be continued when 1.6 releases...
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