Kyuubi 3 in 1

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Kyuubi 3 in 1

Post by Flying Kyuubi » Wed Sep 04, 2019 4:50 pm

Here are 3 levels.
Name: Clear City
ID: 350404 -- Link:
Length: Average
Difficulty: Medium, Hard
Characters: Megaman / Protoman / Bass
Weapons: M.Buster, A.Shooter / W.Wave, L.Shield / S.Snake, R.Jet
(Possible buster only)

Map Link:

A level with a few branching paths that lead the player to different weapons,
and will likely feel a good bit different depending on the selected character.
This level is likely to wear at the health bar, but each check point section will come with a health reward to compensate.
There are 5 keys in the level, but only 3 collectible for the end.
The keys can be used to skip certain enemies / get rewards at the end or be used to fight the secret boss.
(for true ending status)

Note: Bass cannot get true ending.

Name: Mechanised Mayhem (Collab With Redla)
ID: 350424 -- Link:
Length: Long
Difficulty: Hard
Characters: Megaman / Protoman
Weapons: M.Buster, S.Blade, C.Eye, Knight.C, Noise.C, B.Dropper, G.Laser
(Possible buster only)

Map Link:

This is a collaboration level, and the first one I've done.
It is a difficult and long winded stage,
if that does not sound like your thing I'd advise skipping this one.
The level has many misc challenges, that rely on the player to think about their approach.
It starts out somewhat difficult, but gets good deal harder towards the end.
The level allows the player to restock health and ammo at each checkpoint.
That being said checkpoints will become more scare as the level goes on.
There is a branching path half way through the level allowing the player to fight the secret boss.
Also there are some secret weapons and an M-tank in the level hope you can find them.

Ps: Many thanks to Redla for the design and inspiration for many parts of this level.

Name: Robot Canival
ID: 350409 -- Link:
Length: Average
Difficulty: Medium
Characters: Megaman / Protoman
Weapons: M.Buster, M.Ball, C Bomber / M.Missile, T.Claw / O.Slider

Map Link:

This level was made to be easier than the other 2, and is made just as a fun level to play, well ideally.
It is colourful to say the least, and has some branching paths for potential variation.
It gets more challenging towards the latter part of the stage with tricky platforming and a somewhat difficult boss.


Been away for the forum for quite a while, it's good to be posting levels again.
Feedback is always welcome, and appreciated.
Level IDs
Frosty Aquaduct: 148826
The Four Power Trials: 144917
Chaotic Sky Fortress: 149928
Boneyard Zone: 154050
Robotic Moonbase: 154083
City Breeze: 153842

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Re: Kyuubi 3 in 1

Post by Kun fu Cuts Man » Thu Sep 05, 2019 12:04 am

Feedback for Clear City

For my playthrough of the level, I chose all the bottom phats as Proto Man, and I must say this was a fun non-traditional level; the key challenges were also neat, and from what I can see from the macromap, the variety of challenges and increases replability. The dificulty curve was also great, but more on the tame side of the scale, but I did liked that, so have a nice >: ] point.

Now, up to the bad stuff:
The aestetics were (in my opinion) ugly. Trying to replicate Gyro Tiles on to a macro scale was a bad idea. So bad that even Mussolini would not do it. ok enough overreacting and acting like Buster. Enemy density was quite unbalanced, on one hand you had stuff like the rush jet segment that only had one enemy at a time, and on the other you had the room after the first checkpoint. Both boss batles were quite difficult and became a difficulty spike for me.

And finally, I must point out the yoku fan room near the end of the bottom route, it was unique on it´ s own and I think you should make a stage around that idea of activating and deactivating fans. My score of the stage is 7.5, an okay stage but certainly enjoyable, here, have a like
Does this count?

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Finished it.

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