an important question about the game

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an important question about the game

Post by DSN001 » Fri Oct 11, 2019 5:10 pm

some mega man games details that can be noticed so hard,
one of these is slide jumping. in some mega man games if you slide then jump at the edge of the tile, you go much way horizontally than normal jumping. it can be proved by just sliding. when you move and fall from a tile, you fall just near of that tile but if you slide (without jumping) you fall little bit far. I tried in a game but don't know if it is work in every game.

the other one is proto buster. you can 2 shots at once whereas mega man can 3. but that is not the point. I had not believed but according to MMKB proto buster is going at lower height than mega buster. if you know please tell me if it is true. they said that proto buster can hit some enemies that cannot be hit by mega buster (I don't know bass buster's height in MM10)

to get to the main point, my question is mega man's (or other characters') falling speed. some speedrunners do this technique. when they are close to the last tile of ground (if stage will go on to down) they don't just go, they jump before coming last tile and they fall. I can give example ring man's level in rm4:minus infinity for ones don't understand my point. there are lasers, and if you don't jump and fall, laser will catch you. if you jump and fall, laser won't.
Is this true in every mega man game?

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